John R. Colgan

John R. Colgan
from "Echoes from peak and plain..."
Short Name: John R. Colgan
Full Name: Colgan, John R.

Rv John Roland Colgan USA 1830-1911. Born in Westville, OH, he became a methodist Episcopal minister in the Central OH conference, serving 38 years. He was an able and successful expositor of Scripture. He married Catherine Boyer. They had two sons and four daughters.. He authored several hymn lyrics. He died in Birmingham, AL.
Wk: Jesus lives (Mighty army of the young).

John Perry

Texts by John R. Colgan (10)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All the world for Jesus, put it into songJohn R. Colgan (Author)English3
Holy Father, we imploreJohn R. Colgan (Author)English4
I was out on the desert, a StrangerJohn R. Colgan (Author)English9
Little children, Jesus pleadsRev. J. R. Colgan (Author)2
Master, we are here before TheeRev. John R. Colgan (Author)English5
Mighty army of the youngJohn R. Colgan (Author)English90
My soul, O why art thou dyingJohn R. Colgan (Author)English2
O du gladdaJohn R. Colgan (Author)2
Sinner, see that wayside beggarRev. John R. Colgan (Author)English3
Thou dost call us, blessed SaviorJohn R. Colgan (Author)English2
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