Ronald S. Cole-Turner

Ronald S. Cole-Turner
Short Name: Ronald S. Cole-Turner
Full Name: Cole-Turner, Ronald, 1948-
Birth Year: 1948

The Rev. Dr. Ronald Cole-Turner is the H. Parker Sharp Professor of Theology and Ethics, a position relating theology and ethics to developments in science and technology. He is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ, a founding member of the International Society for Science and Religion (currently serving as vice president), and has served on the advisory board of the John Templeton Foundation and the Metanexus Institute. Cole-Turner is the author of Transhumanism and Transcendence: Christian Hope in an Age of Technological Advancement, The New Genesis: Theology and the Genetic Revolution, the co-author (with Brent Waters) of Pastoral Genetics: Theology and Care at the Beginning of Life, the editor of Human Cloning: Religious Responses and of Beyond Cloning: Religion and the Remaking of Humanity, the co-editor of God and the Embryo: Religious Voices on Stem Cells and Cloning, editor of Design and Destiny: Jewish and Christian Perspectives on Human Germline Modification, and editor of Technology and Transcendence (in press). He is also the author of the popular baptism hymn, “Child of Blessing, Child of Promise.” His wife, Rebecca, is a spiritual director and retreat leader. They have two daughters, Sarah and Rachel.

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