Charles Coffin

Charles Coffin
Short Name: Charles Coffin
Full Name: Coffin, Charles, 1676-1749
Birth Year: 1676
Death Year: 1749

Coffin, Charles, born at Buzaney (Ardennes) in 1676, died 1749, was principal of the college at Beauvais, 1712 (succeeding the historian Rollin), and rector of the University of Paris, 1718. He published in 1727 some, of his Latin poems, for which he was already noted, and in 1736 the bulk of his hymns appeared in the Paris Breviary of that year. In the same year he published them as Hymni Sacri Auctore Carolo Coffin, and in 1755 a complete ed. of his Works was issued in 2 vols. To his Hymni Sacri is prefixed an interesting preface. The whole plan of his hymns, and of the Paris Breviary which he so largely influenced, comes out in his words.

"In his porro scribendis Hymnis non tam poetico indulgendunv spiritui, quam nitoro et pietate consulendum esse existimavi. Pleraque igitur, argumentis convenientia e purissiinis Scripturae Sacrae fontibus deprompsi quac idoneis Ecclesiae cantui numeris alligarem."

His hymns are described by a French critic as having less brilliancy than those of Santüil (q.v.), but more simplicity and unction. They number 100 in the edition of 1736. Translated into English by J. Chandler, I. Williams and others, are noted under their respective Latin first lines. [William T. Brooke]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Charles Coffin (99)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Again the holy mornCharles Coffin (Author)1
Again the Sabbath mornCharles Coffin (Author)4
Again the Sunday mornCharles Coffin (Author)1
And now the day is past and goneCharles Coffin (Author)1
As now the sun's declining raysCharles Coffin (Author)English33
Angels lament behold your GodCharles Coffin (Author)5
Another day is past and goneCharles Coffin (Author)English3
At length six days their course have runCharles Coffin (Author)2
Away with sorrow's sighCharles Coffin (Author)English2
Behold the radiant sun on highCharles Coffin (Author)English1
Brightness of the Father's glory, God of God and Light of lightCharles Coffin (Author)1
Christ is become our Paschal LambCharles Coffin (Author)2
Christ is our Head, our strength, our lifeCharles Coffin (Author)2
Come, heavenly Spirit, come, cleansed by Christ's bloodCharles Coffin (Author)English2
Come Spirit from above, Earth, washed with blood of Him that diedCharles Coffin (Author)2
Creator of mankind, Thy promised help we claimCharles Coffin (Author)English4
Creator of the world, to TheeC. Coffin (Author)English5
God from on high hath heardC. Coffin (Author)English16
Great God, who, hid from mortal sightProf. Charles Coffin (1676-1749) (Author)English5
Great Mover of all hearts, whose handCharles Coffin (Author)English6
Hail the day, when in the skyCharles Coffin (Author)English2
Happy are they, they that love GodC. Coffin (1676-1749) (Author)English19
Helped by the Almighty's arm, at lastCharles Coffin (Author)1
His trial over, and now beneathCharles Coffin, d. 1749 (Author)English7
Holy Babe, our great salvationCharles Coffin (Author)English2
How blest were they who walked in loveCharles Coffin (Author)English1
In the Light all light excellingCharles Coffin (Author)2
Junto al Jordán se oye el clamorCharles Coffin (Author)Spanish3
Let sighing cease and woeCharles Coffin (Author)English5
Lift up the advent strainCharles Coffin (Author)English7
Lo! from the desert homesCharles Coffin (Author)English6
Lo! The desert depths are stirredCharles Coffin (Author)English2
Lo, the pilgrim MagiCharles Coffin (Author)English6
Lord of the hearts of menCharles Coffin (Author)English16
Maker of all things, aid our handsCharles Coffin (Author)2
Maker of earth to Thee aloneC. Coffin, 1676-1749 (Author)English7
Morn of morns, and day of daysCharles Coffin (Author)4
Morning lifts her dewy veilCharles Coffin (Author)2
Morning light, in joy we seeCharles Coffin (Author)English1
New wonders of thy mighty handCharles Coffin (Author)3
Nil laudibus nostris egesCharles Coffin (Author)Latin2
Now Christ our Passover is slainCharles Coffin (Author)1
Now from his cradle comes the childCharles Coffin, 1676-1749 (Author)English2
Now morning lifts her dewy veilCharles Coffin (Author)English6
Now our prayers are heard on highCharles Coffin (Author)2
Now that the daylight fills the skyCharles Coffin, 1676-1749 (Author (st. 5))English3
Now with the declining sunCharles Coffin (Author)1
O come, Redeemer, come and freeCharles Coffin (1676-1749) (Author)2
O God of our salvation, LordCharles Coffin (Author)2
O God, the joy of Heav'n aboveCharles Coffin (Author)1
O Holy Spirit, Fount of loveCharles Coffin (Author)English4
O Holy Spirit, Lord of graceCharles Coffin (Author)English23
O Lord, how joyful 'tis to seeC. Coffin (Author)English6
O Lord, in sickness and in healthCharles Coffin (Author)2
O luce qui mortalibusCharles Coffin (Author)Latin2
O Savior, Who for man hast trodCharles Coffin (Author)English21
O scorned and outcast Lord, beneathCharles Coffin (Author)3
O Spirit, Fount of loveCharles Coffin (Author)2
O Thou who in the light dost dwellC. Coffin (Author)English2
O thou who in the pains of deathC. Coffin (Author)3
O Trinity of blessed lightCharles Coffin, 1676-1749 (Author (st. 3))English4
On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cryCharles Coffin, 1676 - 1749 (Author)English164
Once more the solemn season callsCharles Coffin (Author)English9
Our praise Thou needest not; but Thy loveCharles Coffin (Author)2
Our praises, Lord, Thou dost not needCharles Coffin (Author)English3
Our prayer is heard, the holy DoveCharles Coffin (Author)2
Qué estrella es ésta, singularCharles Coffin (Author)Spanish3
Redeemer, now thy work is doneCharles Coffin (Author)1
Sent from His heavenly throne on highCharles Coffin (Author)English2
Sing we the glory of our GodCharles Coffin (Author)1
Six days of labor now are pastCharles Coffin (Author)1
Supreme Disposer of the heartCharles Coffin (Author)2
തൊട്ടിലിലാട്ടും പൈ-ത-ലോ (Teāṭṭililāṭṭuṁ pai-ta-lēā)Charles Coffin (Author)Malayalam2
The Advent of our King, Our prayers must now employCharles Coffin, 1676-1749 (Author)English37
The advent of our God With eager prayers we greetCharles Coffin (Author)English9
The Baptist shouts on Jordan's shoreCharles Coffin (Author)English2
The advent of our King Our thoughts must now employCharles Coffin (Author)English10
The coming of our God to fill the worldCharles Coffin (Author)3
The fish in wave, the bird on wingCharles Coffin (Author)1
The princely city passing byCharles Coffin (Author)English2
The splendors of thy glory LordCharles Coffin (Author)2
This is the day the light was madeCharles Coffin (Author)English3
Thou, great Creator, art possessedCharles Coffin (Author)2
Thou spakest, Lord, and into oneCharles Coffin (Author)1
Thou, who to save the world didst dieCharles Coffin (Author)2
Thy sacred race, O Lord, is runCharles Coffin (Author)4
To God, all glorious heavenly LightCharles Coffin (Author)2
To God the Father, God the Son, And God the Holy Ghost Charles Coffin (Author)English2
Today, O Lord, a holier workCharles Coffin (Author)1
Today, O Lord, thy will resolvesCharles Coffin (Author)1
Wakaŋtaŋka niuŋ kiŋ HeCharles Coffin (Author)Dakota1
What beauteous sun surpassing StarCharles Coffin (Author)6
What star is this, so radiantCharles Coffin (Author)2
What star is this, with beams so bright, More lovely than the noon-day light?Charles Coffin (Author)English73
When earth's fierce tempest over us rollsCharles Coffin (Author)English1
When shades of night around us closeC. Coffin (Translator)English17
Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm, the arm of the Lord revealed?Charles Coffin (Author)English1
Who now in helpless infancyCharles Coffin (Author)2
Ye people, cease from tearsCharles Coffin (Author)English2
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