Claire Cloninger

Short Name: Claire Cloninger
Full Name: Cloninger, Claire, 1942-
Birth Year: 1942 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Claire Cloninger (18)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All that I am, all that I haveClaire Cloninger (Author)English3
And in all things give Him thanksClaire Cloninger (Author)3
Come as a child to adore HimClaire Cloninger (Author)2
Come celebrate Jesus, come celebrate JesusClaire Cloninger (Author)2
Come to the table of mercyClaire Cloninger (Author (st. 1))English11
Emptied of His glory; God became a manClaire Cloninger (Author (stanzas))English3
From the first bright light of morningClaire Cloninger, 1942- (Author)English5
Good Shepherd, take this little childClaire Cloninger, 1942- (Author)English7
Hark! Hear the voice that cries in the desertClaire Cloninger (Author)English2
Holy is He and great is His gloryClaire Cloninger (Author)English4
I am a womanClaire Cloninger (Author)English2
I hide Your Word within my hearClaire Cloninger (Author)English2
If my people's hearts are humbledClaire Cloninger (Author)English7
Jesus, Your name is powerClaire Cloninger (Author)English4
Lord, I offer my life to YouClaire Cloninger (Author)English2
[Right Where We Are]Claire Cloninger (Author)English2
While we are waiting, comeClaire Cloninger (Author)English, Japanese11
Worship the newborn KingClaire Cloninger (Author)2
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