Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane

Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane
Short Name: Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane
Full Name: Clephane, Elizabeth Cecilia, 1830-1869
Birth Year: 1830
Death Year: 1869

Clephane, Elizabeth Cecilia, third daughter of Andrew Clephane, Sheriff of Fife, was born at Edinburgh, June 18, 1830, and died at Bridgend House, near Melrose, Feb. 19, 1869. Her hymns appeared, almost all for the first time, in the Family Treasury, under the general title of Breathings on the Border. In publishing the first of these in the Treasury, the late Rev. W. Arnot, of Edinburgh, then editor, thus introduced them:—

"These lines express the experiences, the hopes, and the longings of a young Christian lately released. Written on the very edge of this life, with the better land fully, in the view of faith, they seem to us footsteps printed on the sands of Time, where these sands touch the ocean of Eternity. These footprints of one whom the Good Shepherd led through the wilderness into rest, may, with God's blessing, contribute to comfort and direct succeeding pilgrims."

The hymns, together with their dates,are:—
1. Beneath the cross of Jesus. Family Treasury, 1872, p. 398,
2. Mine eyes for ever closed. Family Treasury, 1872, p. 398.
3. Who climbeth up too nigh. Family Treasury, 1872, p. 552.
4. Into His summer garden. Family Treasury, 1873, p. 245.
5. From my dwelling midst the dead. Family Treasury, 1873, p. 365.
6. The day is drawing nearly done. Family Treasury, 1873, p. 389.
7. Life-light waneth to an end. Family Treasury, 1874, p. 595.
8. There were ninety and nine that safely lay. Family Treasury, 1874, p. 595.
Of these Nos. 1 and 8 are in common use. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane (34)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
Am Kreuze meines HeilandsElizabeth Cecilia Clephane (Author)German1
كل القطيع راقدElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Arabic1
Neunundneunzig lagen in sicherer Ruh'Elizabeth C. Clephane (Author)German1
تحت الصليب الأكرمElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Arabic1
Abrigadas y salvas en el redilElizabeth C. Clephane (1830-1869) (Author)Spanish2
அந்த தொண்ணூறும் ஒன்பதும் பத்திரமாய் இருக்க (Anta toṇṇūṟum oṉpatum pattiramāy irukka)Elizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Tamil2
Ben junto à cruz de CristoElizabeth Cecilia Clephane (Author)Portuguese2
Ĉe l' kruco de JesuoElizabeth Cecelia Clephane (Author)Esperanto2
Confío yo en CristoElizabeth C. Clephane, 1830-1869 (Author)Spanish2
Confío yo en CristoElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Spanish2
Det var nittionio gömda välE. C. Clephane (Author)Swedish2
Her under Korset eneElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)2
Iti babat' cruz ni JesusElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Tagalog2
九十九隻圈中躺臥,終日平安快樂;(Jiǔshíjiǔ zhī quān zhōng tǎng wò, zhōngrì píng'ān kuàilè;)Elizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Chinese2
L'heureux troupeau se reposait surementElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)2
Maniry mafy ahoElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Malagasy2
நான் வாஞ்சித்தோனாய் காத்து சிலுவையண்டையில் (Nāṉ vāñcittōṉāy kāttu ciluvaiyaṇṭaiyil)Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane (Author)Tamil2
Nataka kusimamaElizabeth Cecilia Clephane (Author)Swahili2
Neunundneunzig Schäflein lagen schonElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)German2
Neunundneunzig vereint sie ruhten gutElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)2
Noventa y nueve en el redilElizabeth Clephane (Author)Spanish2
Sieh, Neunzig und Neun in sichrer RuhElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)German2
തൊണ്ണൂറ്റിയൊൻമ്പതു ആടുകൾ ക്ഷേമമായ് ആലയിൽ (Teāṇṇūṟṟiyeānmpatu āṭukaḷ kṣēmamāy ālayil)Elizabeth Cecelia Douglas Clephane (Author)Malayalam2
Tek kryqi i JezusitElizabeth Cecilia Clephane (Author)Albanian2
我何喜歡能站立,在主十架之下:(Wǒ hé xǐhuān néng zhànlì, zài zhǔ shí jià zhī xià:)Elizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Chinese2
യേശുവിന്‍ ക്രൂശിന്‍ കീഴെ ഞാന്‍ നിര്‍ഭയനത്രേ (Yēśuvin krūśin kīḻe ñān nirbhayanatrē)Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane (Author)Malayalam2
Feliĉe kuŝis la naŭdek naŭElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Esperanto3
Junto a la cruz de CristoElizabeth C. Clephane, 1830-1869 (Author)Spanish3
Ma ke ke'a o Iesu Ho'ohiki kupa'a wauElizabeth C. Clephane, 1830-1869 (Author)Hawaiian3
Noventa y nueve ovejas síElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Spanish3
Junto a la cruz de Cristo Yo quiero siempre estarElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)Spanish7
Neunundneunzig der Schafe lagen schonElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)German8
There were ninety and nine that safely layMrs. E. C. Clephane (Author)English331
Beneath the cross of Jesus I fain would take my standElizabeth C. Clephane (Author)English504
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