Vernon J. Charlesworth

Vernon J. Charlesworth
Short Name: Vernon J. Charlesworth
Full Name: Charlesworth, Vernon J., 1838-1915
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1915

Charlesworth, Vernon J. , was born at Barking, Essex, on April 28, 1839, and educated at Homerton College. In 1864 he became co-pastor with the Rev. Newman Hall at the old Surrey Chapel, and in 1869 the Head Master of Mr. Spurgeon's Stockwell Orphan¬age. Mr. Charlesworth has published The Life of Rowland Hill, &c, 1876, and, in co-operation with Mr. J. Manton Smith, Flowers and Fruits of Sacred Song and Evangelistic Hymns. To this work he contributed:—
1. As you gather round the family board. Plea for Orphans.
2. Blessed Jesus, Lord and Master. Conferences.
3. Come, brethren, let us sing. Praise to God.
4. Come to Jesus, He invites you. Invitation.
5. Heart to heart by love united. Holy Matrimony.
6. How blest in Jesus' name to meet. Praise to Jesus.
7. Our lamps are gone out, and the daylight is past. The Foolish Virgins.
8. Sweetest fellowship we know. Walking in the Light.
9. The day of the Lord is at hand. Advent.
10. There is a land as yet unknown. Heaven.
11. 'Tis a blessed thing while we live to sing. Praise.
12. When far from Thee, and heirs of woe. Grace.
13. Ye servants of Jesus, go forth. Missions.
In addition to these hymns, Mr. Charlesworth contributed—
14. I've nothing to bring Thee, Jesus. Lent.
to Fullerton & Smith's Evangelical Echoes, 1884, and has printed a considerable number as leaflets. Two of the most recent, "As the eastern hills are glowing" (Morning), and "Lengthening shadows darkly falling" (Evening), should find their way into common use. Mr. Charlesworth's hymns are very spirited and of a popular character.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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الرب صخرنا المنيعVernon J. Charlesworth (Author)Arabic1
Ein starker Fels ist Jesus ChristVernon J. Charlesworth (Author)German1
Eterna Roca es mi JesúsVernon J. Charlesworth (Author)Spanish2
Goofta jalatti ni baqannaa da’oo keenyaa rakkinattiVernon J. Charlesworth (Author)Oromo2
Gott ist mein Fels und ZuversichtVernon J. Charlesworth (Author)German1
Gott ist mein Hort, er birgt mich gutVernon J. Charlesworth (Author)German1
How blest in Jesus' name to meetVernon J. Charlesworth (Author)1
Мой Бог—cкала, сокрыт в Нём я (Moy Bog—ckala, sokryt v Nom ya)Vernon J. Charlesworth (Author)Russian2
¡Oh Cristo! Nuestra roca aquíVernon J. Charlesworth (Author)Spanish3
The Lord's our rock, in Him we hideVernon J. Charlesworth (Author)English132
We with joy confess, beloved SaviorVernon J. Charlesworth (Author)3
主是磐石容我藏躲 (Zhǔ shì pánshí róng wǒ cángduǒ)Vernon J. Charlesworth (Author)Chinese2
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