Amzi Chapin

Short Name: Amzi Chapin
Full Name: Chapin, Amzi, 1768-1835
Birth Year: 1768
Death Year: 1835

Amzi Chapin USA 1768-1835. Born in Springfield. MA, into a family of cabinetmakers, jewelers, and watchmakers, he followed in the same trade in Hartford, CT. for several years, then moved to New Haven, CT. He embarked on a career as an itinerant singing teacher, composer, and cabinetmaker in the South and Midwest. He married Hannah Power and they had eight children. They lived in Mount Pleasant, PA, where he taught singing and farmed for the next 30 years. He also founded a mill. He co-founded the Presbyterian congregation in Northfield Township. Chapin taught singing schools in VA, NC, KY, and PA. In 1831, he and his family moved to Northfield, OH. His older brother, Lucius, was also a singing teacher, and they were among the first to teach sacred music west of the Allegheny Mountains.

John Perry

Tunes by Amzi Chapin (13)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BETHEL (Kentucky Harmony)Amzi Chapin (Composer)155612 16535 31324
FORESTAmzi Chapin (Composer)316511 32113 53123
GOLDEN HILLAmzi Chapin (Composer)513262 15651 65565
HATFIELD (Billings)Amzi Chapin, ca. (Arranger)211234 53112 34325
KENTUCKYA. Chapin (Composer)151612 16551 61232
MAITLAND (Allen)Amzi Chapin (1768— ) (Composer)234551 32161 65513
TWENTY-FOURTHChapin (Composer)2351232 16551 23455
ROCKBRIDGEAmzi Chapin, c. (Composer)515611 32113 53132
SOCIAL BANDChapin (Arranger)153117 34543 45567
STROUDWATERAmzi Chapin, c. 1798 (Arranger)115153 43211 23432
TRIBULATIONChapin (Composer)234554 51754 34532
VESPER (Chapin)A. Chapin (Composer)216165 67113 53212
VESPER (Jenks)A. Chapin (Composer)716165 67113 53545
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