O. Catena

Short Name: O. Catena
Full Name: Catena, O. (Osvaldo), 1920-1986
Birth Year: 1920
Death Year: 1986

Osvaldo Catena (b. 1920; d. 1986) was an Argentinian priest and composer. Showing an early interest in music, he entered the Metropolitan Seminary in Santa Fe, Argentina, where he learned multiple instruments and studied for ordination. He was ordained as a priest in 1943. He started the first School of Sacred Music in Santa Fe, and in 1950 organized the first University Choir. He was soon appointed chaplain at the College of Our Lady of Calvary, but moved his ministry to the poor, harsh areas of Santa Fe, in what he named Villa Prak, “the triangle” outlined by railroad tracks, garbage dumps, and caves near the Rio Saldo. He termed this area Villa Park. He spent much of his life in this area, working to develop the area and provide fellowship and guidance for those living there in a time of turmoil and violence, during the military dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983).

Laura de Jong

Texts by O. Catena (9)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
¡Arriba los corazonesOsvaldo Catena (Author)Spanish2
Breath of the living GodO. Catena (Author)English2
Del agua y del Espíritu O. Catena (Author)Spanish2
Felices los humildes, su herencia es el SeñorO. Catena (Author)Spanish2
Soplo de Dios vivienteOsvaldo Catena, 1920-1986 (Author)Spanish15
Suenen campanas, suenen tamboresO. Catena (Author)Spanish5
Todo te está diciendo: ¡vuélvete a Dios!Osvaldo Catena (Author)Spanish5
Toma mi mano, hermano, Cristo resucitóOsvaldo Catena (Author)Spanish3
Ya llegó la nochebuenaO. Catena (Author)Spanish3
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