Francis Castañeda

Short Name: Francis Castañeda
Full Name: Castañeda, Francis

Francis Castañeda. Musician and Pastor born in Lima Perú (1968). Francis has worked as translator for many different projects and leads Instituto Allegro Internacional where they train worship leaders for churches.

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Texts by Francis Castañeda (20)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
When I survey the wondrous cross (Tomlin)Francis Castañeda (Translator (refrain))English1
Wonderful, so wonderful is Your unfailing loveFrancis Castañeda (Translator)English1
Tú mi proveedor, mi respirarFrancis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
Tu luz del mundo bajaste a tinieblasFrancis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
Tú eres Dios de esta tierraFrancis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
Todo lo creasteFrank Castañeda (Author)Spanish2
The splendor of the KingFrancis Castañeda (Translator (Spanish))English1
Sublime gracia del Señor (Ya no hay cadenas)Francis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
Sólo en Jesús espero yoFrancis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
Quien no pecó, pecado fueFrancis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
Profundo es el amor de DiosFrancis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
Lord of all creation, Of water, earth, and skyFrank Castañeda (Author)English1
Light of the world, you stepped down into darknessFrancis Castañeda (Translator)English1
La alabanza elevamos a tiFrancis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
In Christ alone my hope is foundFrancis Castañeda (Translator)English1
I'm forgiven because You were forsakenFrancis Castañeda (Translator)English1
Hermosa es tu habitaciónFrancis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
Desde el monte más alto al fondo del marFrancis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
Brillando el Rey estáFrancis Castañeda (Translator)Spanish2
Bendito seas tú, en la tierra de plenitudFrancis Castañeda (Translator)2
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