Flora H. Cassel

Flora H. Cassel
Short Name: Flora H. Cassel
Full Name: Cassel, Flora H., (Flora Hamilton), 1852-1911
Birth Year: 1852
Death Year: 1911
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Texts by Flora H. Cassel (52)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A demoniac comes from the tombs of the hillsF. H. C. (Author)English2
A teacher sought earnestly good seed to sowF. H. C. (Author)English2
Ah, we shall miss you, dear sisterFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
Arise most quickly, good deeds sow thicklyFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
Be still, my heart, and cease thy cryF. H. C. (Author)English2
Beautiful flowers, blossoms we loveF. H. C. (Author)English3
Borne on the wings of a chilling blastFlora H. Cassel (Author)English3
Do you wander weak and wearyFlora H. Cassel (Author)English2
Ever the Savior is speaking to theeF. H. C. (Author)English2
Father, Thou art all compassionFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
For thus hath the Lord said unto meF. H. C. (Author)English2
How I love Jesus I never can tellFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English4
I know my Lord will come, On some bright dayFlora H. Cassel (Author)English2
In my prison dark and gloomyF. H. C. (Author)English2
In rich profusion lay the flowersFlora H. Cassel (Author)English2
In Thine own word, O blessed LordFlora H. Cassel (Author)English4
Jesus called the children, Saying, Come to meF. H. C. (Author)4
Listen, do you hear that tappingF. H. C. (Author)English2
Look! behold the golden dawningFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
My hope is built on sacred wordF. H. C. (Author)English2
Nearer the dawning temperance dayFlora H. Cassel (Author)English2
O Father, from thy throne on highFlora H. Cassel (Author)English2
O God of our country, O Lord of the freeF. H. C. (Author)2
O hear the temperance bells ring outFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
O Lord, I call to theeF. H. C. (Author)2
Over the oceans' stormy billowsF. H. C. (Author)English2
Over the waves our good ship ridesF. H. C. (Author)English2
Oh, brother the harvest is readyF. H. C. (Author)2
O many weary years have passedF. H. C. (Author)English2
O swiftly the moments are flyingF. H. C. (Author)4
Only a few fleeting days or yearsF. H. C. (Author)English3
Our lovely land is cloudedFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
Out upon the meadow in the hayF. H. C. (Author)English2
Over our land a dark cloud hoversFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
Rally, rally, temperance bells are chimingF. H. C. (Author)English2
See the fatal wine glass liftedF. H. C. (Author)English2
Sleep soft, true heart, and slumber wellFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
There are bands of ribbon white around the worldF. H. C. (Author)English3
There is a country, so bright and fairF. H. C. (Author)English2
Three sons slept well at home that nightFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
Trust the Savior now and everFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
I am a stranger here, within a foreign landF. H. Cassel (Author)English1
Upon the chilly night A sudden sound of frightFlora H. Cassel (Author)English2
Watch, watch, watch, for ye know not whenF. H. C. (Author)English2
We are girls so gay and happyFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)English2
We hear the dear Master callingF. H. C. (Author)English3
We will give our hearts to JesusF. H. C. (Author)English4
When down the street with passage fleetFlora H. Cassel (Author)English2
Where are you going, my brotherF. H. C. (Author)English3
Wine is flowing, ruby glowingFlora H. Cassel (Author)English2
With a heart full of loveFlora Hamilton Cassel (Author)2
Work away, work and prayF. H. C. (Author)English2
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