E. T. Cassel

Short Name: E. T. Cassel
Full Name: Cassel, E. T. (Elijah Taylor), 1849-1930
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1930
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Texts by E. T. Cassel (37)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A sheep has wandered by field and fountainDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)English2
Borne on the wings of a chilling blastElijah T. Cassel (Author)English3
Do you hear those voices sound?Dr. E. T. Cassel (Author)English3
Down the dark and gloomy pathwayElijah T. Cassel (Author)1
Far out upon the stormy deepElijah T. Cassel (Author)English2
From over hill and plain there comes the signal strainDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)English142
Hamau! he leo e ke paipai mai la noE. Taylor Cassel, 1849-1930 (Author)Hawaiian3
Homeward bound we takeElijah T. Cassel (Author)2
I am a stranger here, within a foreign landDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)English150
I am trusting Jesus only, as I journey day by dayDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)English2
I bring my all with incense sweetE. Taylor Cassel (Author)2
I essayed to walk aloneE. T. C. (Author)3
I have found a friend that never will failDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)2
I look away across the seaDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)English3
Ich bin ein Pilger hier in einem fremden LandE. T. Cassel (Author)German1
In Thine own word, O blessed LordE. T. Cassel (Author)English4
Jag är en främling härE. T. Cassel (Author)Swedish2
Jesus, divine and holy, coming from light and gloryDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)English2
Lo the summer sun is spreading gold upon the grainE. Taylor Cassel (Author)4
Lord, have mercy on our nationElijah T. Cassel (Author)English2
O 'tis coming, night is breaking awayDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)English6
Oss helig loesen haarElijah T. Cassel (Author)2
Sañgailiac ditoy ti maysa a dagaDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)Tagalog2
See the sower and the reaperElijah T. Cassel (Author)English2
She only touched the hem of the garmentElijah T. Cassel (Author)2
Soy extranjero aquiE. T. Cassel (Author)Spanish2
Soy peregrino aquí, mi hogar lejano estáE. Taylor Cassel (Author)Spanish5
Soy peregrino aquí; no hallo do morarElijah Taylor Cassel (1849-1930) (Author)Spanish4
Stand up for prohibitionElijah T. Cassel (Author)English2
There were lonely hearts at Bethany that dayDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)English2
There's a river of life, pure as crystal it flowElijah T. Cassel (Author)English2
'Tis the God that fulfillsElijah T. Cassel (Author)2
We are marching, marching, on to Canaan's LandE. Taylor Cassel (Author)English2
We're on the march at God's commandE. T. Cassel (Author)3
What will you do for the wayward boyElijah T. Cassel (Author)1
Whenever I go out to playDr. E. T. Cassel (Author)English2
Wheresoever you may go in this busy world belowE. T. Cassel (Author)English5
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