Sydney Carter

Sydney Carter
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Short Name: Sydney Carter
Full Name: Carter, Sydney, 1915-2004
Birth Year: 1915
Death Year: 2004

Wikipedia Biography

Sydney Bertram Carter (6 May 1915 – 13 March 2004) was an English poet, songwriter, and folk musician who was born in Camden Town, London. He is best known for the song "Lord of the Dance" (1967), whose music is based on the "Shaker Allegro" more commonly known as the song "Simple Gifts", and the song "The Crow on the Cradle". His other notable songs include "Julian of Norwich" (sometimes called "The Bells of Norwich"), based on words of Julian of Norwich, "One More Step Along the World I Go", "When I Needed a Neighbour", "Friday Morning", "Every Star Shall Sing a Carol", "The Youth of the Heart", "Down Below" and "Sing John Ball".

Texts by Sydney Carter (16)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Bitter was the nightSydney Carter (Author)English3
Catch the Bird of heavenSydney Carter (Author)English2
Chante étoile de NoëlSydney Carter (Author)French2
Dancé en la mañana cuando el mundo nacióSydney Carter (Author)Spanish7
En vano llama a la ventanaSidney Carter (Author)Spanish2
Every star shall sing a carolSydney Carter (Author)English10
Go walking through the worldSydney Carter (Adapter)2
I danced in the morning when the world was begunSydney Carter (b. 1915) (Author)English47
Loud are the bells of NorwichSydney Carter (Author)2
Necesito un amigoSydney Carter (Author)Spanish2
No use knocking on the windowSydney Carter (Author)3
One more step along the world I goSydney Carter (1915-2004) (Author)English10
Said Judas to Mary, "Now What Will You Do"Sydney Carter (b. 1915) (Author)English6
There's a light that is shining in the heart of a manSydney Carter (Author)English2
Travel on, travel on, there's a spirit that is flowingSydney Carter (Author)3
When I needed a neighbor, were you there, were you there?Sydney Carter (Author)English17

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