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Short Name: A. L. Byers
Full Name: Byers, A. L. (Andrew L.), 1869-1952
Birth Year: 1869
Death Year: 1952

Andrew Linnaeus Byers was born on Au­gust 26, 1869 in Al­bany, Il­li­nois. Byers’ mo­ther was song writer Nancy By­ers. In 1890 he became involved with Daniel War­ner & Bar­ney War­ren in evan­gel­is­tic work; later joined the Gos­pel Trump­et pub­lish­ing com­pa­ny as mu­sic ed­it­or for a year. He left that work because of health problems and worked as an evan­gel­ist and pastor in Ida­ho & Or­e­gon be­fore tak­ing a pas­tor­ate in Sac­ra­men­to, Cal­i­for­nia, in 1934. He died on November 9, 1952 in Sacramento, California.

His works in­clude:
Birth of a Reformation: The Life and La­bors of D. S. War­ner, 1922

NN, Hymnary.

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[A happy religion each one may possess]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[Ah, poor sinner, think of Calvary]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)453513 12165 35132
[All the burdens once so heavy]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[All my darkness Christ has scattered, brought a glorious dawn]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[Alone with Jesus, 'tis so sweet] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)653132 17134 55154
[Along the way of life are many foes]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)634555 56567 11233
[Are you adorning the doctrine]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)7
[Are you filled with glory, brother]A. L. B. (Harmonizer)334533 33217 62165
[As I walk in pastures green]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[As sweet strains of heavenly music]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)555556 11122 22312
[Awake, ye souls, that sleep in sin!] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)355653 32151 13155
[Be an overcomer, only cowards yield]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)1055111 51356 53322
[Behold a form upon the lonely mount] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[Beyond where Kedron's waters flow]A. L. Byers (Arranger)113565 31176 15565
[Blessed Savior, draw me nearer] (Robinson)Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)4
[By the promise of the Father]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)5
[By Thy blessed word obeying] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers, 1870-1952 (Composer)6
BYERS (Byers)Andrew L. Byers, 1870-1952 (Composer)3
[Can the Lord count you faithful?]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[Child of God's boundless mercy]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[Come, ye holy saints of God, let's sing the joyful theme]A. L. Byers (Composer)255553 21121 11611
[Dwelling now in Canaan land]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[Ere Christ will reign within thy heart] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)213332 15651 33543
[Far away in a land that is darker than night]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)655534 53217 1655
[Far below me lowers the tempest]A. L. Byers (Composer)254333 45543 22234
[Far down o'er the ages a promise divine] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[Fill me with Thy Spirit, Lord] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)733321 21616 51171
[Following Jesus from day to day] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)6
[For all the Savior has done for me]A. L. B. (Harmonizer)251115 13556 53213
[From my soul and all within] (Byers/Warren)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)455171 23556 55435
[Get acquainted with Jesus, He's loved you so long]A. L. Byers (Composer)234565 51345 65552
[Give me grace, Lord, lest I wander]A. L. Byers (Composer)212334 32551 23232
GLAD THANKSGIVING (Byers)Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)2
[God of mercy, God of love] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[God omniscient, God all-wise]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)4
[God will give grace and glory]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[God's precious love is deep and wide]A. L. B. (Harmonizer)1
[Have you ever heard of Jesus]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)712353 22113 54565
[Have you found rest and peace within]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)651332 17225 24432
[What a Dear Friend is Jesus]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)2
[He lifted my burden of sorrow and sin]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[Healing in the wings of Jesus]A. L. Byers (Composer)232321 65355 65312
[Hear the tidings of a kingdom]A. L. Byers (Composer)134556 55311 33432
[Hold your little torch on high]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[How often I've pondered my struggles within] (Byers) [1]A. L. Byers (Composer)251333 21611 15345
[How often I've pondered my struggles within] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)355123 21216 5
[How sweet is the comfort and rest of my soul] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
HYFRYDOLA. L. Byers (Arranger)112123 43212 54332
[I am fighting in the army of the Lord]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)6
[I am going to a home bright and fair] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)234554 51765 51777
[I am learning of my Savior]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)551333 12116 55132
[I am only an earthen vessel]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[I came to Jordan's sullen stream]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)755133 21551 35654
[I cannot be idle, for Jesus says, "Go"]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)751233 21216 55123
[I do not ask for a better way]A. L. Byers (Composer)255332 12461 17125
[I have a dear Savior, the best Friend I know]A. L. Byers (Composer)253243 15671 55111
[I have a hope, serene and sure]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)5
[I have found the Rose of Sharon] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[I heard the dear Redeemer say] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)3
[I know on Whom my faith is fixed]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)513332 12556 71121
[I know that my Redeemer lives] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[I love the church of God] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[I mean to go right on until the crown is won]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)755567 11121 65555
[I seem to hear an angel choir]Andrew L. Byers (Arranger)453455 12335 17123
[I vainly ask that life disclose]A. L. Byers (Composer)233453 32117 65653
[I walk today in the Christian way]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)4
[I was charmed by the world's allurements]A. L. Byers (Composer)255113 21651 12334
LAWSON (Elginburg)Andrew L. Byers (Arranger)355332 21166 11665
I WOULD NOT HAVE MY WAYAndrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)355465 32161 65512
[If we shall scatter tares in the fallow]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)6
[If you love to follow Jesus be a soldier brave and true]A. L. B. (Harmonizer)1
[I'll never be ashamed of my Savior who gave]A. L. Byers (Composer)255353 11215 64424
[I'll not be afraid for the terror by night]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)555653 11216 16651
[I'll tell it all to Jesus, my troubles I cannot bear]A. L. Byers (Composer)253323 21556 71354
[I'm Jesus' little trusting child]A. L. Byers (Composer)3
[I'm walking in the safest path]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[In darkness long I wandered]A. L. Byers (Composer)213323 21161 61513
[In the Christian's home in glory] (McDonald)A. L. B. (Arranger)134556 55112 32165
SANTA FEAndrew L. Byers (Composer)651351 33432 52321
[In the morning of the Lord that is drawing nigh] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)255511 12321 65552
[In the shadow of the cross let me hide]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[In thy clear, transparent glow]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[Is the Spirit glowing in thy heart?] (Warner)A. L. Byers (Composer)155123 45653 45176
GLOWING FIRE (Byers)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[It is only a step into Canaan]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)412333 35561 65551
[It may be little that I can do]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[I've anchored my soul in God's promise]A. L. Byers (Composer)255653 21232 11114
[I've turned from the world and its follies]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)353332 13555 77765
[Jesus bids us shine with a clear pure light] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[Jesus came a Savior dear]A. L. B. (Harmonizer)235343 22252 32115
[Jesus is my Shepherd, nothing shall I need]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)4
[Jesus is the Shepherd, looking now for you]A. L. Byers (Composer)233345 16176 51112
[Joyful we walk on the King's highway]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)333451 65534 45235
[Let me walk in the path which my Savior hath trod]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)6
[Let us ever love each other]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)633136 55311 22343
[Let us sing a sweet song of the home of the soul]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)755535 11231 65511
[Long ago the prophets told]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)3
[Lord, I want to be a Christian]A. L. Byers (Arranger)111335 32111 35653
[Lord, I would be wholly Thine]A. L. B. (Harmonizer)151333 31176 16151
[Many called, but few are chosen]A. L. Byers (Composer)212343 16511 22123
[Most glorious things are said of thee]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[My burdened heart was full of sin]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[No more I'm left to doubt and fear]A. L. Byers (Composer)233221 34557 65223
[No sigh nor a tear since my Jesus is near]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[O blessed Lamb of God so dear!] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[O church of God, thou spotless bride]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[O day of all the days the best]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)5
[O love divine, no soul has e'er]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[O my Savior, Lord of heaven]A. L. Byers (Composer)255653 11216 76565
[O poor sinner, come to Jesus]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)656711 32151 34531
[O soul bowed down with grief and care]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[O soul on the broad way, God's eye watcheth thee]A. L. Byers (Composer)255123 43267 11761
[O sweet is the rest on my Jesus' dear breast!]A. L. Byers (Composer)334532 17653 45522
[Obey the Lord, 'tis better far]A. L. Byers (Composer)211653 32155 33212
[O'er the ocean's rolling waters]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)555111 12165 33423
[Oft in silent meditation]A. L. Byers (Composer)456531 72153 45653
[O come and praise the Lord today]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[O drink of the river of pleasure]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)655351 23217 64467
[O let us sound the praise]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[O love surpassing knowledge]A. L. B. (Arranger)155111 11222 32355
[O the cross! the precious cross]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)655513 21566 65165
[O we are saved in Jesus' blood]A. L. Byers (Composer)351161 55113 32125
[O we love our Sunday-school]A. L. Byers (Composer)212332 13565 35323
[Oh, write Thy wondrous law divine]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[On His throne of glory sits our Lord today]A. L. Byers (Composer)233334 32121 65111
[On the Lord's side stand all the pure in heart]A. L. Byers (Composer)255533 23211 12353
[Once by sin our souls were bound]A. L. Byers (Composer)234555 56534 55565
[Only Christ can save your soul] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)233311 65555 72343
[Over the age-old path the centuries have trod]A. L. Byers (Composer)255565 31176 15444
[Perishing souls at stake today!] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)655511 17112 33353
[Preach the gospel of sunshine and gladness]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[Sad and lonely, weak and weary] (Byers)Andrew L. Byers (Composer)433332 14322 12325
[See the cross, see the cross of Jesus]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)3
[See the reeking cross of Jesus]A. L. Byers (Harmonizer)134534 56132 13565
[Shall I be ashamed of my Savior and King]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)5
[Shall my soul ascend with rapture]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)412334 33171 23234
[Since Jesus gave His life for me]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)1055553 51177 12556
[Since Jesus made my heart his home]A. L. B. (Harmonizer)251131 61551 11123
[Sing of salvation, O it was love] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)353653 11235 36555
[Sinner, will you lose your soul] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[Softly whisper, "Jesus loves you!"]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[Someday when God's sweet Spirit]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)612332 43132 21233
[Soon time will be ended, eternity’s near] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[Spirit holy in me dwelling]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)1051233 32511 51356
[That heavenly Teacher in words that are plain]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)755671 71334 31255
[The angels came with silent tread]A. L. Byers (Composer)453453 32156 61216
[The change is soon coming, and who will be ready]A. L. Byers (Composer)253334 32111 21653
[The church has one foundation]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)813555 51531 12123
[O Church of God]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)451115 61113 33125
[The future lies unseen ahead]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)351154 35531 22234
[The light of eventide now shines the darkness to dispel]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)555565 35123 11655
[The Lord of the harvest is calling]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)5
[The rust will canker and the moth will eat]A. L. Byers (Composer)255366 54513 33322
[The will of God was a galling thing to me]A. L. Byers (Composer)255511 12116 55513
[The world of sinners know not God]A. L. Byers (Composer)3
[There is a happy band on earth today]A. L. Byers (Composer)235651 34321 53565
[There is no use to tell me]A. L. Byers (Composer)255565 53321 16557
[There's a happy world above]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)455556 15111 5132
[There's a land of everlasting song] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[The Reformation Glory]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)555117 12165 11134
[There's an angel of mercy from heaven] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)255112 34321 34577
[There's an awful day that's coming] (Byers)A. L. Byers (Composer)334523 21512 34655
[There's salvation full and free]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)4
[Though kingdoms are many, and masters are more]A. L. Byers (Composer)255671 11231 54353
[Though the night has been long and my trials severe]A. L. Byers (Composer)255567 11121 61123
[Time moves on with solemn footsteps]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)433312 16513 53312
['Tis so sweet just to know, as I with my Savior go]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[To Thee, O Lord Jehovah]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[Truth divine, by angels spoken]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)711113 16522 21235
[Turning thy face from all the past]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)354565 35447 65765
[We are little travelers here]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[We will work for Jesus, and adore the plan]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)755132 17655 11231
[Weary, lonely, sad, forsaken]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[We're a band of happy pilgrims bound for our home above]Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)4
[When breaks the crimson morning dawn]A. L. Byers (Composer)2
[When first I started to seek the Lord] (Henry)Andrew L. Byers (Harmonizer)951132 15651 33212
[When my sky is clear and bright]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)433315 53117 12323
[When the heart is free from sin and the conscience clear]A. L. Byers (Composer)234556 51355 43556
[When the storm winds rage, and the rain falls fast]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[When the winds of persecution blow]A. L. B. (Harmonizer)1
[When you see Christ coming in the clouded sky]A. L. Byers (Harmonizer)1
[Wherever my Savior's hand may lead]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)4
[Who is my life but Christ alone?]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)3
[Why stand ye all day idle? The harvest time is here]Andrew L. Byers (Composer)551113 21121 16555
[With a happy song I will haste along]Andrew L. Byers, 1869-1952 (Composer)334555 16555 65444
[With a shout of jubilation all my soul doth say]A. L. B. (Harmonizer)2
[You're seeking the Savior to know]A. L. Byers (Composer)251116 53451 23333

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