Montagu C. Butler

Montagu C. Butler
Montagu Christie Butler
Short Name: Montagu C. Butler
Full Name: Butler, Montagu C.
Birth Year: 1884
Death Year: 1970

Montagu Christie Butler, born 25 January 1884 in London, died 5 May 1970, Son of Thomas Robinson Butler.

Wikipedia Biography

Montagu Christie Butler (25 January 1884 – 5 May 1970) was a British academic, librarian, lexicographer, musician, and Esperantist. A winner of several prizes at the Royal Academy of Music in London, he was a harpist and a versatile music teacher skilled in playing various musical instruments, as well as a teacher of voice and of musical composition. As a quaker and absolute pacifist, Butler was classed as a conscientious objector during World War One. He served time in prison, where he met the composer and fellow prisoner Frank Merrick, helping him learn Esperanto.

Texts by Montagu C. Butler (26)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Akceptu nian dankon, Di'Montagu C. Butler (Author)Esperanto2
Al la Patro Dia venu koro niaMontagu Christie Butler (Translator)Esperanto2
Al Vi, Sinjoro, Laŭdu la koroMontagu Christie Butler (Translator)Esperanto1
Alestu, fidelaj, ĝoje triumfantajMontagu Christie Butler (Translator)1
Am’ eterna, infinitaMontagu C. Butler (Translator)Esperanto2
Anĝelaro kaj homaroMontagu C. Butler (Translator)Esperanto1
Ĉiam obeantaj al la Di-komand'Montagu Christie Butler (Translator)Esperanto2
Dia vorto restasMontagu Christie Butler (Translator)Esperanto3
Dio de ĉiel' kaj teroMontagu Christie Butler (Translator)Esperanto3
En animsufero, meze de dolor'Montagu Christie Butler (Translator)Esperanto6
En Kristnaska vespero, el alta ĉiel'Montagu C. Butler (Translator)Esperanto2
Gloron al la Dia PatroMontagu Christie Butler (Translator)Esperanto3
Ho Jesuo, staruM. C. Butler (Translator)2
Ho paŝtistoj Betlehemaj!Montagu Christie Butler (Translator)1
Ho Sankta Kap', kronitaMontagu Christie Butler (Translator (attributed to))1
Ho tuta kreitaro DiaMontagu C. Butler (Translator)Esperanto3
Hodiaŭ ĝoju ĉies kor'Montagu C. Butler (Translator)Esperanto2
Hom-frato, amu kore fraton vian!Montagu Christie Butler (Translator)Esperanto4
Jen mia preĝo, Dio de l' naciojMontagu Christie Butler (Translator)1
Kun ama zorgo paŝtas minMontagu Christie Butler (Translator)Esperanto3
Nin, ho Patro, pilotaduMontagu Christie Butler (Translator)2
Nun al Kristo sonu kantoM. C. Butler (Translator into Esperanto)1
Nun Dion danku niM. C. Butler (Translator)1
Tago juĝa, tag’ de ploroMontagu C. Butler (Translator)Esperanto2
Venu nun, animo miaM. C. Butler (Translator)3
Vin anĝeloj himnas ĉiam en ĉiela glor'M. C. Butler (Translator)1

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