J. Calvin Bushey

Short Name: J. Calvin Bushey
Full Name: Bushey, J. Calvin (James Calvin), 1847-1929
Birth Year: 1847
Death Year: 1929

James Calvin Bushey USA 1847-1929. Born in Arendtsville, PA, Bushey was a singing teacher who lived in Ohio during the latter 19th century. He compiled several music collections, including “The Chorus Class” (1879), “Sparkling Gems” (1880), “Choral Climax” (1886), and “Magneic Melodies” (1892), all published by the Music firm of Will L. Thompson. Bushey moved to Peoria,IL, late in life and died there.

John Perry

Texts by J. Calvin Bushey (20)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Going home, yes, going home, Sings the soldier, tried and trueJ. Calvin Bushey (Author)English2
In our Father's heavenly mansionsJ. C. B. (Author)English4
It may not be my wayJ. C. B. (Author (partly))English2
Jesus wept, those tears are overJ. C. B. (Author)English11
Just beside the river angels waitJ. C. B. (Author)English9
My house is built upon a rockJ. Calvin Bushey (Author)English2
O how sad to part with loved ones (Bushey)J. Calvin Bushey (Author)English2
O welcome bright morningJ. Calvin Bushey (Author)2
O the time is speeding fastJ. C. B. (Author)English2
One by one our loved ones leave us, One by one they're ferried overCalvin (Author)English2
Round the Father's throne in heavenJ. Calvin Bushey (Author)English2
Savior, dear Savior, O show me the wayJ. Calvin Bushey (Author)English3
See our banner brightly wavingJ. Calvin Bushey (Author)2
See the banner brightly wavingJ. Calvin Bushey (Author)English2
Sinner, come, O come tonightJ. C. B. (Author)English4
The Savior is watching by night and by dayJ. C. B. (Author)English5
There is no death, our loved ones fall to rise upon some fairer shore (Chant)J. C. B. (Author)English2
We are battling for the rightJ. C. B. (Author)English2
When clouds, sin, temptation and fearJ. C. B. (Author)English2
When doubts and temptation and fearJ. Calvin Bushey (Author)4

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