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Adolf Burkhardt
Adolf Burkhardt, 1992
Short Name: Adolf Burkhardt
Full Name: Burkhardt, Adolf
Birth Year: 1929
Death Year: 2004

Evangelical German pastor, writer, translator (largely of religious songs), ecumenical activist, and one of the most influential and prolific hymnal compilers in Esperanto. He was a member of the editorial committee responsible for the 1971 Protestant hymnal Adoru Kantante, the sole compiler of the ten-installment Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu (later republished in three volumes), and one of the three members of "Kloster Kirchberg", the editorial board that produced the 2001 ecumenical Esperanto hymnal Adoru - Ekumena Diserva Libro.

Burkhardt was honored in a 368-page Festschrift, Esperante kaj Ekumene, Fest-libro por la 75a naskiĝ-tago de Adolf Burkhardt. With the other members of Kloster Kirchberg, he shared in the 2002 FAME-foundation's Aalener Esperanto-Kulturpreis.

Articles in the Esperanto and German Wikipedias.

Hymnals by Adolf Burkhardt (6)sort descendingAsPublication Year
Adoru: ekumena diserva libroAdolf Burkhardt (Editor)2001
Adoru kantanteA. Burkhardt (Editor)1971
Tero kaj Ĉielo KantuAdolf Burkhardt (Editor)1993
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj I II IIIAdolf Burkhardt (Editor)1995
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj IV V VIAdolf Burkhardt (Editor)1996
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj VII VIII IX XAdolf Burkhardt (Editor)1998
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