Fannie Birdsall Bula

Short Name: Fannie Birdsall Bula
Full Name: Bula, Fannie Birdsall, 1864-1926
Birth Year: 1864
Death Year: 1926

Born: October 24, 1864. Died: February 9, 1926. Buried: Floral Park Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Fannie was the daughter of Paul Birdsall, and wife of George Elza Bula. Her works include:

Heart Lessons from the Beatitudes (Chicago, Illinois: Christian Witness Company, 1911)

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Texts by Fannie Birdsall Bula (21)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A child went from his motherFannie Birdsall Bula (Author)English2
All 'round the world with Christ our Lord and KingFannie Birdsall Bula (Author)English2
Cast thy bread upon the waters, Ye who have but scant supplyF. B. (Author (Chorus))English2
Christ is knocking at your door todayF. B. B. (Author)2
God will take care of me all the day longFannie B. Bula (Author)English2
He lives to save from every sinF. B. (Author)English3
Home at last, our toil will soon be overF. B. B. (Author)English2
I heard the voice of weepingF. B. (Author)English4
I wandered long in darkness, No light to guide my wayFannie B. Bula (Author)English2
I'm coming now to JesusF. B. (Author)English3
Jesus loves the children, "Let them come" said HeFannie B. Bula (Author)English5
Jesus says he loves meF. Birdsall (Author)2
O, how I love the Bible, the book that God has givenFannie Birdsall (Author)English3
Peace on earth, the angels sang, While with joy the chorus rangFannie B. Bula (Author)English2
Shine within me, Holy SpiritFannie Birdsall Bula (Author)English3
Take my life and let it beF. B. (Author (Chorus))English1
Tears are heaven's dewdrops bottled upF. B. B. (Author)English2
The harvest field is whiteningF. B. (Author)English3
Times of refreshing are comingFannie B. Bula (Author)3
While the storms of life are raging, and the billows tossing high (Austin)Fannie B. Bula (Author (Chorus))English4
You're foot sore and wearyFannie B. Bula (Author)2
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