Annabel Morris Buchanan

Annabel Morris Buchanan
Annabel Morris Buchanan
Short Name: Annabel Morris Buchanan
Full Name: Buchanan, Annabel Morris, 1888-1983
Birth Year: 1888
Death Year: 1983

Born: October 22, 1888, Groesbeck, Texas. Died: January 6, 1983, Paducah, Kentucky. Buried: Round Hill Cemetery, Marion, Virginia.

Daughter of William Caruthers Morris and Anna Virginia Foster, and wife of John Preston Buchanan, Anna received her musical training at the Landon Conservatory of Music, Dallas, Texas (to which she received a scholarship at age 15); the Guilmant Organ School, New York; and studying with Emil Liebling, William Carl, and Cornelius Rybner, among others. She taught music in Texas; at Halsell College, Oklahoma (1907-08); and at Stonewall Jackson College, Abingdon, Virginia (1909-12). In 1912, she married John Preston Buchanan, a lawyer, writer, and senator, from Marion, Virginia; they moved to their home, Roseacre, in Marion, where they had four children.

Buchanan served as president of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs in 1927, and helped organize the first Virginia State Choral Festival in 1928, and White Top Folk Festivals (1931-41). After her husband’s death in 1937, she sold Roseacre and moved to Richmond, Virginia, with her two youngest children. She taught music theory and composition and folk music at the University of Richmond (1939-40); during the summers, at the New England Music Camp, Lake Messalonskee, Oakland, Maine (1938-40); and at the Huckleberry Mountain Artists Colony near Hendersonville, North Carolina, in 1941. She later moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia, and taught at Madison College (1944-48). In 1951, she moved to Paducah, Kentucky. She later became the archivist of the folk music collecting project of the National Federation of Music Clubs, serving until 1963. Buchanan’s works include:

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American Folk Music, 1939

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Tunes by Annabel Morris Buchanan (52)AsInstancesIncipitsort descending
TENDER THOUGHTAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)112175 71242 1
CHRISTMAS HYMN (Sherwin)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)111117 22443 3
BOZRAHAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)111171 34534 54317
WATTS' LYREAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)111234 51765 43543
SUFFERING SAVIOR (Read)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)111234 54321 15171
DAVIS (Lewis)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)111234 56543 22151
[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (Pruner)Annabel Morris Buchanan (1889-1983) (Harmonizer)211235 11651 12355
SION'S SECURITYAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)111354 53171 13517
HEAVENLY UNION (11356)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)111356 53321 66671
WAYFARING STRANGERAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)111554 54311 34413
WONDROUS LOVE (Southern Harmony)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)111724 54211 72576
THE MORNING TRUMPETAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)112323 43213 43454
[O land of the blessed thy shadowless skies] (Buchanan)A. M. Buchanan (Composer)212323 54321 23345
PROMISED LAND (Minor)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)113134 54543 23313
RESTORATION (Southern Harmony)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)113171 33175 77171
ZION'S HILLAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)113215 21561 7565
SUFFIELD (King)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)113235 32171 35434
IMMENSITY (Minor)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)113332 15555 155
FAREWELL (13332)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)213332 4455
PORTSMOUTH (13451)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)113451 76
WINDHAMAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)113455 32113 23543
EVENING SHADE (Southern Harmony)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)113457 17154 44345
DUNLAP'S CREEK (McFarland)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)113532 16115 1765
PENSIVE DOVEAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)115111 17755 1
LIGHT (Christian Lyre)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)115177 31735 34321
RISE, MY SOUL (16513)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)116513 23456 53216
HOW TEDIOUS AND TASTELESS (16556)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)116556 11331 21656
REDEEMING GRACE (16611)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)116611 35653 22231
ROAD'S-TOWNAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)117132 75757 2321
SALUTATION (17543)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)117543 77375 43435
ROME (17631)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)117631 17631
LAND OF REST (31117)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)131117 54535 43134
CANAAN (31235)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)131235 65671 5
THE SAINTS BOUND FOR HEAVENAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)132311 16561 22323
DROOPING SOULS (33213)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)133213 17534 45117
ALVERSONAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)234443 17634 43171
TRIBULATIONAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)234554 51754 34532
EXPRESSIONAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)134555 65571 175
CALVARY'S MOUNTAINAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)134571 31754 3171
[Jesus born in Beth'ny]Annabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)144225 32432 12314
GARDEN HYMNAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)156111 23555 653
PISGAH (American)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)151112 31666 53556
SAMANTHRAAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)151123 21555 43223
LAND OF REST (American)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Harmonizer)9751123 51165 51123
MORNING SONG (Dare)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)151234 32175 51234
[Together let us sweetly live] (51324)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)351324 31165 34531
WINGS OF THE MORNINGAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)151355 55356 53532
EXULTATION (Humphreys)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)155111 65445 431
JESUS IS MY FRIEND (55421)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)155421 71245 421
HEBREW CHILDRENAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)155457 55434 43455
CHRISTIAN UNIONAnnabel Morris Buchanan (Arranger)156123 51231 61556
LIKE NOAH'S WEARY DOVE (56161)Annabel Morris Buchanan (Collected and arranged)156161 2165

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