Andrew Broaddus

Short Name: Andrew Broaddus
Full Name: Broaddus, Andrew, 1770-1848
Birth Year: 1770
Death Year: 1848

Broaddus, Andrew. (Caroline County, Virginia, November 4, 1770--December 1, 1848, Salem, Virginia). Baptist. Reared an Episcopalian; became Baptist, 1789. Honorary D.D., 1843, Columbian College, Washington, D.C., "humbly refused." Ordained October 16, 1791. Pastorates at Burrus, 1793-1820; while at Burrus also served Bethel, Fredericksburg, Upper Zion, Beulah, and Mangohick on rotational basis; Salem, 1820-1848; Upper King and Queen, 1827-1848, all in Viriginia. Author of The Age of Reason and Revelation (1795) (a reply to Paine's attack on Christianity); A Bible History for Schools and Families (Baltimore, 1816); Help for Children: Three Plain and Easy Catechisms (American Baptist Publication Society, n.d.). Edited Christian Baptist (1826-1830) and wrtoe for it under the pen name "Paulinus" and for Religious Herald under pen name "Christianos" arguing with Alexander Campbell. Designed a seal for Richmond College, 1843 (now University of Richmond).

Published Collection of Sacred Ballads (1790) of songs in popular use at the time; compiled Dover Selection (1828) (xvii, 275, vii, 75p.), 2d ed, 1829 (viii 1 l., 11-412 p.) at request of Dover Association of Virginia Baptists; Virginia Selection (1836) (xxviii, 447 p.), rev. enl. ed. (600 p.) 1840, reprinted until 1876.

In the Dover Selection (1829): Help thy servant, gracious Lord, 192 (labelled "Original")
In the Virginia Selection (1840), three hymns indicated by initials "A.B.": Help thy servant, gracious Lord, 665; Send thy blessing Lord we pray, 667; Restless thy spirit poor wandering sinner, 708. One hymn (Labelled "Chiefly original"): How solemn the signal I hear! 495.

--Martha C. Powell, DNAH Archives

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