G. W. Briggs

Short Name: G. W. Briggs
Full Name: Briggs, G. W. (George Wallace), 1875-1959
Birth Year: 1875
Death Year: 1959

George Wallace Briggs is a Canon of Worcester Cathedral and one of the most distinguished British hymn writers and hymnologists of today. Six of his hymns appear in the Episcopal Hymnal of 1940 (American). Another hymn on the Bible entitled "Word of the living God" was written for the 25th Anniversary of the British Bible Reading Fellowship and was sung in Westminster Abbey on June 5, 1947. It has been widely used since that time. Canon Briggs is a leading member of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland. He is also the composer of several hymn times, six of which have appeared in British hymnals. In addition to his work as a clergy man of the Church of England and an hymnologist, he has interest himself actively in the field of religious education, being largely responsible for two books with wide circulation in Britain, "Prayers and Hymns for used in Schools" and "The Daily Service." These books have had great influence on the worship practices of British schools, public and private. It is of historic interest that he is the author of one of the prayers used at the time of the famous meeting of Churchill and Roosevelt on H.M.S. Prince of Wales in 1941 when the Atlantic Charter was framed.

--Ten New Hymns on the Bible, 1952. Used by permission.

Texts by G. W. Briggs (65)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All things beautiful and fairUnknown (Author)English1
All ye who love of freedom boastG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Andrew, Simon Peter's brotherG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Beneath these emblems of eternityG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Christ is the world's true lightG. W. Briggs (1875-1959) (Author)English41
Come, risen Lord, and deign to be our guestGeorge W. Briggs (Author)English41
Dear Father, help me to forgiveGeorge Wallace Briggs (Author)2
Dear Father, keep me through this day obedientGeorge W. Briggs (Author)English2
Dios nos habla por profetasG. W. Briggs (Author)Spanish2
Eye hath not seen, O God; in vain, in vainG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
For the brave of every raceGeorge Wallace Briggs (Author)English5
For Thy saints unknown to fameG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Forget the past; nor think uponG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Give me Thy peace, O God: the world can giveG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
God hath spoken by his prophetsGeorge W. Briggs, 1875-1959 (Author)English46
God is our King: He reigns aloneG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
God my Father, loving meGeorge Wallace Briggs (Author)English14
God, who art light, from whom all truth proceedingG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
God who madest, God who bearestG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
God, you have given us power to soundG. W. Briggs, 1875-1959 (Author)English8
Great God, to whose all-seeing eyeG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Hark, a hundred notes are swellingG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Holy Spirit, who of old, Gifts bestowing seven-foldG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
I built my castles in the airG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
I knew a man who started on life's wayG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
I knew Thee not, Thou wounded Son of GodG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
I love God's tiny creaturesG. W. Briggs (Author)English6
I said, as I gazed on the starry heightG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
In all the forms that He hath madeG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Jesus Christ Wanikiya, De aŋpetu niṭaGeorge Wallace Briggs (Author)Dakota1
Jesus, whose all-redeeming loveGeorge W. Briggs (Author)English2
Lift we up our hearts to praiseG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Lord God of earth and sea and skiesG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Lord, here am I: unworthy though I beG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Lord, I would know Thee, know Thee as Thou artG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Lord, I would learn to be contentG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Lord, in the hollow of Thy handGeorge Wallace Briggs (Author)English5
Lord, lead me by the waters calm and stillG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Lord of all majesty and mightGeorge Wallace Briggs (Author)English7
Lord, who hast brought me on my wayG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Lord, who hast made me freeG. W. Briggs (Author)English3
Lord, who once wast crucifiedG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Lord, who Thyself hast bidden us to prayGeorge Wallace Briggs (Author)English3
Now is eternal lifeGeorge W. Briggs (Author)English11
O God, by whom all things were madeGeorge Wallace Briggs (Author)English2
O God, enthroned in endless spaceG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
O God, in whom we live and move, In whom we draw each breathG. W. Briggs (Author)English7
O God our Strength, whose sovereign throneG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
O Thou whose righteous judgments standG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Once more, O Lord, 'tis eventideG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Our Father, by whose servantsGeorge Wallace Briggs (Author)English17
Our Father, for our daily breadG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Seek not for happiness, nor chooseG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Shall God not share His children's careG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Son of the Lord most highG. W. Briggs (Author)English5
Soul, celestial in thy birthRev. G. W. Briggs (Author)English1
Su voluntad manifestóGeorge W. Briggs (Author)Spanish2
The church is God's great familyGeorge Briggs (Author)2
The Spirit of the Lord revealedG. W. Briggs, 1875- (Author)English9
The throstle sings the sweetest songs he knowsG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
The world is full of sorrow, and its tearsG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Two brother heard the Master's callG. W. Briggs (Author)English2
Unheard the dews around us fallGeorge Wallace Briggs (Author)2
We meet, as in that upper room they metGeorge W. Briggs (Author)2
Where is Thy heaven, O God? Is it farG. W. Briggs (Author)English2

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