Matthew Bridges

Short Name: Matthew Bridges
Full Name: Bridges, Matthew, 1800-1894
Birth Year: 1800
Death Year: 1894

Matthew BridgesHymns of the Heart (1847) and The Passion of Jesus (1852). He lived in Quebec, Canada, for some time but returned to England before his death.

Bert Polman
Matthew Bridges was born at Malden, Essex, on July 14, 1800. He began his literary career with the publication of a poem, "Jerusalem Regained," in 1825; followed by a book entitled The Roman Empire under Constantine the Great, in 1828, its purpose being to examine "the real origin of certain papal superstitions." As a result of the influence of John Henry Newman and the Oxford Movement, Bridges became a Roman Catholic in 1848, and spent the latter part of his life in Canada.
--Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A., 1872


Bridges, Matthew, youngest son of John Bridges, Wellington House, Surrey, and brother of the Rev. Charles Bridges, author of An Exposition of the cxix. Psalm, born at The Friars, Maiden, Essex, July 14,1800, and educated in the Church of England, but subsequently conformed to the Church of Rome. His works include, Babbicombe, or Visions of Memory, with other Poems, 1842; Hymns of the Heart, 1848 (enlarged in 1852); and The Passion of Jesus, 1852, besides some prose productions. From the last two works his hymns found in common use are taken, the greater number being from Hymns of the Heart. Besides the hymns in use in Great Britain, as, “Behold the Lamb," "My God, accept my heart this day," and others, the following, all of which were published in 1848, are found in several American collections, to which they were introduced mainly through the Rev. H. W. Beecher's Collection, 1855:—
1. Bright were the mornings first impearl'd. At the grave of Lazarus.
2. Head of the hosts in glory. All Saints. From this is derived "Armies of God! in union," which is given in some American collections.
3. Lo, He comes with clouds descending (q. v.).
4. Rise, glorious Conqueror, rise. Ascension.
5. Soil not thy plumage, gentle dove. Morning.
Of late years Mr. Bridges has resided in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Bridges, M., p. 181, ii. He died Oct. 6, 1894. Additional hymns by him are given in the Arundel Hymns, 1902, and others:—
i. From Hymns of the Heart, 1848-1851.
1. Blessed Lamb, on Calvary's mountain. Passiontide. 1848.
2. Lo! on the slope of yonder shore. St. Francis Xavier. 1848.
3. Rose of the Cross, thou mystic flower. B. V. M. 1848.
4. Wave the sweet censer, wave. Holy Communion. 1851.
ii. From Passion of Jesus, 1852.
5. Away from God--away from God. Repentance.
6. From circlets starred with many a gem. Passion tide.
7. Holy of Holies, seat of love. Heart of Jesus.
8. Jesu! to Thee we look. Passiontide. From "Oh! For a flame of fire," p. 16.
9. Rise, O Lord, in all Thy glory. Day of Judgment.
10. The Wine-press — the Wine-press. Day of Judgment.
“Crown Him, the Virgin's Son," is from "Crown Him with many crowns." [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by Matthew Bridges (45)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A Cristo coronadMatthew Bridges (Author (stanzas 1 and 2))Spanish11
Al Salvador Jesús Canciones por doquierMatthew Bridges (Author)Spanish8
Archangels, fold your wingsMatthew Bridges (Author)English1
Armies of God, in unionMatthew Bridges (Author)1
Awake, my soul, and singMatthew Bridges (Author)5
Balañgat isaadyoMatthew Bridges (Author)Tagalog2
Before the cross of him who diedBrydges (Author)3
Behold the glories of the LordMatthew Bridges (Author)4
Behold the lamb, archangels, fold your wingsBrydges (Author)2
Behold the Lamb of God! O Thou for sinners slainMatthew Bridges (Author)English64
Blessed Lamb, on Calvary's mountainMatthew Bridges (Author)5
Bright cherubim and seraphimMatthew Bridges (Author)2
Bright were the mornings first impearledMatthew Bridges (Author)3
Crown Him with many crownsMatthew Bridges (Author)English724
Dios eternal, acepta hoyMatthew Bridges (Author)Spanish2
Faith is the dawning of the dayMatthew Bridges (Author)2
Hail, Rock of ages, pierced for meMatthew Bridges (Author)2
Head of the hosts in glory!Matthew Bridges (Author)English9
I thirst, the blessed Savior saidMatthew Bridges (Author)English2
Il va bientôt venir!Matthew Bridges (1800-1894) (Author)French2
കിരീടം ചൂടിക്ക കുഞ്ഞാടെ വാഴിക്ക (Kirīṭaṁ cūṭikka kuññāṭe vāḻikka)Matthew Bridges (Author)Malayalam2
Krönet mit Perlen PrachtMatthew Bridges (Author)German2
Kron nu Guds lam, ham kronMathew Bridges (Author)Norwegian2
Krönt, krönt Ihn, unsern HerrnMatthew Bridges (Author)German1
Kurorëzo atë mbi fronin, qengjin tonëMatthew Bridges (Author)Albanian2
Lead me to thy peaceful mangerMatthew Bridges (Author)3
Lo! He comes with clouds descending, Once for guilty sinners slainBrydges (Author)English2
Lo on the slope of yonder shoreMatthew Bridges (Author)3
Maker, in whom we liveMatthew Bridges (Author (B))1
Man of Sorrows, wrapt in griefM. Bridges (Author)English5
Mirad al Salvador, al río descenderMatthew Bridges (Author)Spanish2
My God, accept my heart this dayMatthew Bridges (Author)English201
O for those solitary hoursMatthew Bridges (Author)2
O’er hill and vale and temple proudMatthew Bridges (Author)English2
Oh, venham coroar Jesus, o SalvadorMatthew Bridges (Author(sts. 1, 3, 4))Portuguese2
Rise, glorious Conqueror, riseMatthew Bridges (Author)English133
Rise, O Lord! in all Thy gloryMatthew Bridges (Author)English2
Rose of the cross, thou mystic flowerMatthew Bridges (Author)English13
Soil not thy plumage, gentle doveMatthew Bridges (Author)7
Soldiers of Christ, arise, And put your armor on; Strong in the strength which God suppliesMatthew Bridges (Author)English3
There are loyal hearts, there are spirits braveMatthew Bridges (Author)English6
There is an everlasting homeMatthew Bridges (Author)English8
There was an Eden once on earthMatthew Bridges (Author)English2
Waŋkand idade ciŋMatthew Bridges (Author)Dakota1
擁戴我主為王 (Yōngdài wǒ zhǔ wèi wáng)Matthew Bridges (Author)Chinese4

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