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M. M. Bridges

Short Name: M. M. Bridges
Full Name: Bridges, M. M. (Mary Monica), 1863-1949
Birth Year: 1863
Death Year: 1949 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by M. M. Bridges (28)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BINCHESTERM. M. B. (Arranger)132175 43223 55452
BROMLEY (Haydn)M. M. B. (Arranger)113421 35565 44314
NOCTE SURGENTES (24324)M. M. B. (Arranger)124324 42312 44444
VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS (Plainsong)M. M. B. (Arranger)156545 65122 11561
[Ere yet in darkness ends the day]M. M. B. (Arranger)224355 54323 45232
SONG 34M. M. B. (Arranger)111123 42513 45254
ST. MAGNUS (Clarke)M. M. B. (Arranger)151275 12323 13452
SONG 13M. M. B. (Arranger)134562 23567 16653
[Jesus, how sweet the thought of Thee]M. M. B. (Arranger)212553 43213 56665
GENEVAN 42M. M. B. (Arranger)112321 76512 34321
[Lifespring divine and bond of all]M. M. B. (Arranger)217133 21217 171
SONG 22M. M. B. (Arranger)155365 54352 23142
SONG 20M. M. B. (Arranger)155671 21317 65776
[My Lord, my Love, was crucified]M. M. B. (Arranger)155451 32156 54322
ECCE JAM NOCTISM. M. B. (Arranger)134323 32123 33135
CONDITOR ALME SIDERUMM. M. B. (Arranger)131355 64556 45432
SONG 5M. M. B. (Arranger)155564 53223 45143
SPLENDOR PATERNAE GLORIAEM. M. B. (Arranger)111234 32332 55234
O LUX BEATA TRINITASM. M. B. (Arranger)156543 42345 66555
BISHOPTHORPE (Clarke)M. M. B. (Arranger)154321 76431 71234
SONG 67Mary Monica Waterhouse Bridges, 1863-1949 (Harmonizer)215345 66551 67761
HERMON (Clarke)M. M. B. (Arranger)151232 13217 23234
[The Lamb's high banquet called to share]M. M. B. (Arranger)151651 71217 6666
GENEVAN 138M. M. B. (Arranger)113451 76556 53343
[This day the first of days was made]M. M. B. (Arranger)212342 43231 23424
[What star is this with beams so bright]M. M. B. (Arranger)111232 34321 5765
O SEIGNEURM. M. B. (Arranger)115567 11765 45331
SONG 31M. M. B. (Arranger)151757 65761 76657
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