Birgitte K. Boye

Birgitte K. Boye
Short Name: Birgitte K. Boye
Full Name: Boye, Birgitte K. (Katerine) 1742-1824
Birth Year: 1742
Death Year: 1824

Birgitte was born on March 7, 1742, in Gen­tofte, Den­mark. She was the daughter of Jens Jo­han­sen. Boye mar­ried a su­preme court judge in Co­pen­ha­gen, Den­mark. She found time to study German, French and English and translated hymns into Danish from these languages. As a hym­nist, she was in­volved with Guld­bergs og Har­boes Psalm­e­bog (Ove Guld­berg’s and Lud­vig Har­boe’s Psalt­er), to which she con­trib­ut­ed 146 hymns. She al­so pro­duced "na­tion­al dra­ma­tic writ­ing." She died on Oc­to­ber 17, 1824.

Sources: Julian, p. 1001 & Stulken, p. 145

Texts by Birgitte K. Boye (28)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
Dit ord, o Gud, sum duggen kvægerBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian1
Hvor blev Guds Jord et deiligt StedBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian1
Forsøm ei Herrens MenighedBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian2
Laŭ Via vort' kreiĝis am'Birgitte Cathrine Boye, 1742-1824 (Author)2
Nakambanao, ry Tompo o!Brigitte C. Boye (Author)Malagasy2
Our Lord is risen from the dead, And rays of glory crown His headBirgitte Katerine Boye (Author)English2
Ry Lela afo MasinaBrigitte C. Boyce (Author)Malagasy2
With a great and precious priceBirgitte Katerine Boye (Author)2
Der staar en Mand og takker GudBirgitte Boye (Author)Norwegian3
Det er fuldbragtBirgitte Boye (Author)Norwegian3
Forsøm dog ei din SalighedBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian3
Jeg er frelst og dyrekjøbtBirgitte Boye (Translator)Norwegian3
Jeg har af Hjertens Grund afsagtBirgitte K. Boye (Translator)Norwegian3
Den Helt, som knuste Dødens MagtBirgitte Boye (Author)Norwegian4
Her, uden Sky og SkyggeBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian4
Holy Spirit, God of love, Who our night dost brightenBirgitte K. Boye (Author)English4
Jesus staar og rækker HænderBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian4
Se, jeg er med blandt deres TalBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian4
De knælede med ja mod jaBirgitte Boye (Author)Norwegian5
Den tröst er storBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian5
Du ledte frem ved Almagts BudBirg. Boye (Author)Norwegian5
Jesus græd, fald paa mit hjerteBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian5
Han er opstanden, store budBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian6
O Light of God's most wondrous loveB. K. Boye, 1742-1824 (Author)English6
O Lue fra Guds kjærlighedBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian6
Os er idag en Frelser føddBirgitte K. Boye (Author)Norwegian8
He is arisen! Glorious Word!Birgitte C. Boye (Author)English17
Rejoice, rejoice this happy mornBirgitte K. Boye (Author)English17
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