Jack Boyd

Jack Boyd
Short Name: Jack Boyd
Full Name: Boyd, Jack, 1932-
Birth Year: 1932

Jack Arthur Boyd (b. Indianapolis, Indiana, February 9, 1932) was the music editor of *Great Songs of the Church, Revised*, published by ACU Press in 1986. He earned a B.S. degree in music education from Abilene Christian University, a masters degree in music composition and theory from the University of North Texas, and a Ph.D. in choral literature from the University of Iowa. Boyd edited *Children, Rejoice!* (Sweet, 1979) and he authored *Rehearsal Guide for the Choral Director* (Parker, 1970) and *Leading the Lord's Singing* (Quality, 1981). He is a member of Churches of Christ and lives in Abilene, Texas.

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Texts by Jack Boyd (17)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
"Abba Father, Abba Father," Deep within my soul I cryJack Boyd (Author (st. 3))English1
All hail King JesusJack Boyd (Author (st. 2))English1
God is calling the prodigal, come without delayJack Boyd (Arranger)English1
Heavenly Father, God over all thingsJack Boyd (Versed)English2
I will extol the LORD at all timesJack Boyd (Author (st. 2))English1
Jesus is Lord, my Redeemer, How he loves me, how I love himJack Boyd (Author, st. 3)English3
Jesus, keep me near the crossJack Boyd (Countermelody words)English1
Majesty, worship his majestyJack Boyd (Author (st. 2))English1
Make me a servant; Lord, make me like YouJack Boyd (Author (st. 2 & 3))English2
My eyes are dry, my faith is oldJack Boyd (Author (st. 2))English2
My heart, my mind, my body, my soulJack Boyd (Author (st. 2 & 3))English2
My Jesus, my SaviorJack Boyd (Author (st. 2))English1
Purify my heart, touch me with your cleansing fireJack Boyd (Author (st. 2))English1
See how the dawn appears bringing a day of hopeJack Boyd (Author)English2
There's no pain in God's great kingdomJack Boyd (Translator)English2
We shall assemble on the mountainJack Boyd (Author (st. 2 & 3))English1
While on the sea hear the terrible roaringJack Boyd (Versed)English3

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