Catherine Booth-Clibborn

Catherine Booth-Clibborn
Catherine Booth-Clibborn
Short Name: Catherine Booth-Clibborn
Full Name: Booth-Clibborn, Catherine, 1858-1955
Birth Year: 1858
Death Year: 1955

Catherine Booth-Clibborn (Katie Booth) (18 September 1858 – 9 May 1955) was the oldest daughter of William and Catherine Booth. She was also known as "la Maréchale".

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Catherine Booth-Clibborn (Katie Booth, 18 September 1858 – 9 May 1955) was an English Salvationist and evangelist who extended the Salvation Army into France and Switzerland against local opposition. She was the oldest daughter of William and Catherine Booth. She was also known as "la Maréchale".

Texts by Catherine Booth-Clibborn (29)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All through this night I mean to stayCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
At Thy feet I fall, yield Thee up my All (Chorus)Catherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)English1
Best beloved of my soulCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
Blot, O blot out my transgressionsCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
Have you heard the glorious tidings, Jesus savesCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)6
How can we save a dying worldCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
In sore distress and sorrowCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
I've a letter from thy SireCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
My soul pants after TheeCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
My spirit worn and wearyCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
O come, my Redeemer, and chase away the darknessCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
O Gottes Lamm, ich nahe michCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)German1
O hear the cry from every nationCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
O his wonderful wonderful peaceCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
O Lamb of God, thou wonderful sin bearerCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)English10
O look how thy Savior on CalvaryCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
O spotless Lamb, I come to TheeCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)English26
O tame me, Lord, rebellious nature calmCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
O thou who hast loved my soulCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
Peace, perfect peace, my spirit knowsCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
Remember Calvary's storyCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
Return, return, the God of loveCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)2
Sad and alone your way must beCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
There is a light that shines on meCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)4
Trust thy future to thy GodCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
Up to Calvary we are goingCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
What my soul seeks, O RedeemerCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)5
Why art thou so cast downCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3
Without thee, my soul can neverCatherine Booth-Clibborn (Author)3

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