Ada Blenkhorn

Ada Blenkhorn
Short Name: Ada Blenkhorn
Full Name: Blenkhorn, Ada, 1858–1927
Birth Year: 1858
Death Year: 1927

Ada Jane Blenkhorn Canada 1858-1927 Born in Cobourg, Ontario, the 10th of 11 children, she emigrated with her family to the U.S. In 1884 and settled in Cleveland, OH.. She was raised a Methodist, and began writing hymn lyrics at age 34. A prolific writer of hymn lyrics, she was about to give it up when a friend encouraged her to continue, telling her some soul might be saved by a hymn she would write. She worked for many years as secretary to her brother, Henry's, real estate company. After his death in 1923, she became president of the company. She never married.

John Perry

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A cry comes to us over the waterAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
A few little seeds by the waysideAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
A fountain of life is flowingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
A hill, and thereon a lone cross did I viewAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
A hymn of praise today we raise To Christ, our living KingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English6
A red rose sweet and lovelyAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
A song of praise today we raise, Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English4
A stormy sky over meAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
A wonderful gift of His love is mineAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Abiding in Jesus, sweet haven of restAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Above the tempest of the seasAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
Across the fields of ripened grainAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Across the ocean wideAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Adrift on life's perilous oceanAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Again in all His beauty the Lord shall comeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
All hail the starry flag that wavesAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Angel voices sweetly sangAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Another day of service for the Master whom we loveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Another year has passed away The New Year has begunAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Arm you for the conflict! 'tis the Master's callAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Art thou burdened, sick, or helpless, waiting by Bethesda's poolAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Art thou weary in the wayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
As Christ the Lord ascendedAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
As the days are passing byAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
At my open window sang a little birdAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
At the sound of His name the heavens rejoiceAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Awake, awake, 'tis morning brightAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Be strong and brave, O pilgrim bandAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Beautiful daisies, pure and whiteAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Beautiful homes the Savior makethAda Blenkhorn (Author)English8
Begrüßt mir frohen MelodienA. B. (Author)German2
By and by I know there'll be, by the shining crystal seaAda Blenkhorn (Author)English8
Came He from those streets all goldenAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Christ is calling thee to seek HimAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Christ, my Savior, so dear to meAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Christ our Savior bids us goAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Christian, keep the watchfires burningAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Come children smile whenever you canAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Come, let us sing unto the Lord, He washed us in his precious bloodAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
"Come to me," He is callingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Day in golden light doth breakAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
Dear brother, on life's billowy oceanAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
"Dear Savior," prayed a little childAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Die Losung ist gegeben und wir stehen auf dem PlanA. B. (Author)German2
Do clouds of doubt your soul oppress?Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Do you fear the foe will in the conflict win?Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English76
Do you hear them ever sounding sweet and clearAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Don't tell the world your troublesAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Easter light is shining o'er the world todayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Ein ander' Lebensjahr entschwand, das neue Jahr brich einAda Blenkhorn (Author)German2
Eine Stadt auf lichten AuenAda Blenkhorn (Author)German2
Er schützet mich, wenn Stürme droh'nAda Blenkhorn (Author)German1
എറുന്നോ ഭാരങ്ങൾ നിൻ ജീവിതേ? (Eṟunnēā bhāraṅṅaḷ nin jīvitē?)Ada Blenkhorn (Author)Malayalam2
Es spricht eine Stimme in freundlichem TonAda Blenkhorn (Author)German2
Every little bird that singsAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Fair Olivet, bright OlivetAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
For all his tender love to meAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
For grace that saved this soul of mineAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
Forward we go joyfully to the conflictAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Froher Schall wird durch die Lande geh'nA. B. (Author)German2
Fröhlich lasst erklingen unsren LobgesangA. B. (Author)German2
From God's great treasure house of loveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
From sin and death the world to saveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
From the cares of life, from the toil and strifeMiss Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English3
From the fold I went astrayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Full of joy and gladness shall our praise beAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Fürchtet ihr des Feindes wilde ÜbermachtAda Blenkhorn (Author)German3
Fürcht'st du, dass im Kampfe Satan endlich siegtAda Blenkhorn (Author)German1
Give me a song, O Lord, give me a song for TheeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Glorious banner of salvation!Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Go forth in the name of your conquering LordAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Go forth to the work, 'tis the Savior's commandAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
God make my life a little light Within the world to glowMiss Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English1
God reaches down, and straightway claspsAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
God's own armor, for our use is shining in His WordAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Gottes starke Rüstung ist im Worte uns beschertAda Blenkhorn (Author)German2
Great is the work we have to doAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Hail, hail the day, The day of joy and gladnessAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Happy songs through all the earth shall ringAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Hark, the trump of God is pealingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Have the days been filled with blessingsAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Have you found the blessed Savior, Has he washed your sins away? (Blenkhorn)Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English2
He came from realms of light aboveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
He hideth me when storms are nearAda Blenkhorn (Author)English8
He is calling thee, my brother, He is calling thee todayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English9
Hear the bells, loud and clearAda Blenkhorn (Author)English1
Hearing Thy gentle voice Bidding me comeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English6
Heavy ladened, sin sick soulAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
Heil dir, o Tag! du Tag voll Lust und FreudeAda Blenkhorn (Author)German2
His life Jesus gave my poor soul to saveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Ho po anei oe ma ka paio neiAda Blenkhorn (Author)Hawaiian3
Ho, sailors on the Christian's seaAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Hope of the hopelessAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Höre deinen Heiland, der freundlich sprichtA. B. (Author)German2
How beautiful was EdenAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
How sweet is the love of JesusAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
Hymns of sweetest praise let all His children singAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I am glad I can trust Him, my Savior, my KingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I am in my Savior's keeping, Nothing now have I to fearAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I do not know the way to goAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I found in Christ a SaviorMiss Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English3
I found Messiah at the wellMiss Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I have a Friend, his name is all powerfulAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I know he died on CalvaryAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I know I'm but a little branchAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I know that he loves me, the blessed Lord JesusAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I love the bright hued flowers that bloomAda Blenkhorn (Author)English9
I love to witness for my LordAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I shall hear the song that the angels singAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I shall see my Saviors's face, Hallelujah!Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English1
I wait His time, when shadows darkAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I wandered afar from the sheltering foldAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I was lost on the storm darkened moorlandAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
If across your earthly visionAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
If I were a sunbeam, WarmAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
If the way shall dark appearAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
If you cannot be a great light shiningAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
If you keep your heart a-singing (Blenkhorn)Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English2
If you would be set free from sinAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
If you would lay up precious treasures on highAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
If you would rescue a soul from its sinAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
If your life is free from sorrowAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I'll sing of the matchless and wonderful loveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I'm happy in my Lord belowAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I'm so happy since I gave my heart to JesusAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Immer vorwärts im heil'gen KriegA. B. (Author)German2
In accents of love doth the Savior imploreAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
In accents of tenderness speaketh a voiceAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
In earthly honor, power and fameAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
In His blood I find my healingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
In hymns of praise your voices raiseAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
In my Savior I am trusting, Sweetly he communes with meAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
In stiller Gruft der Heiland lagAda Blenkhorn (Author)German2
In the home of my Father in glory aboveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
In the smiling skyAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
In the sunlight of His glory we will walk todayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
In the sweet vale of peaceAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
In the work of life belowAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
In waves of light His glory rolledAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Is there a beautiful thought in your heartAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
It brought Him from His home so brightAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
I've found a place where I can hideAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Jesus is seeking the childrenMiss Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Jesus left His home in glory, lived and labored here belowAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Jesus, our Master, gladly we hearAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
Jesus wants us all to workAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Jesus when He needs me to help HimAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Joyful songs now sweetly ringAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Joyful songs we'll singAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Just a ray of sunshine, Breaking through the cloudsAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
Keep telling the wonderful story, How Jesus on Calvary diedAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Lasst uns wirken für den MeisterA. B. (Author)German2
Launched on life's deep and changeful seaAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Lead me, Savior, gently lead, I prayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
Let not your heart be troubled, Let it not weary beAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Let the blessed sunshine in (Chorus)Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English1
Let the light shine out from the cross todayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Let us rally, rally, rally, round the standard of the LordAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Life, light and love, The gifts of God so freeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English6
Lift high the Lord's bannerAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Lift up your heads, ye pearly gatesAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Lift up your hearts in praise to GodAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Like the firmament for brightnessAda Blenkhorn (Author)English6
Little buds of promise Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Little hearts at Easter timeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Living in the sunshine, Living in the lightAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
Lo he comes the blessed king of heaven and earthAda J. Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Lo! He standeth knocking, knockingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Lord give me the spirit of serviceAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Lord, I would be a shining light, To guide some wandering soul arightAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Lord, let me be thy messengerAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Louder and nearer the battle is ragingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Lovely lady of sunshineAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Make way for the King, he is comingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Many stories quaint and oldenAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
My Father, now returning From the unfaithful pastAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
My hand clasped in his wounded handAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
My heart He hath filled with His wonderful loveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English1
My heart is God's kingdomAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
My Savior is with me, wherever I go, In darkness or danger the way doth He showAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
My Savior's voice is sweet to meAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
My sins the Lord has washed awayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
My thirsty soul drank of the life giving streamAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Nearer to Jesus every dayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Nearer to our blessed SaviorAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
No longer doubt God's promise trueAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
No other love like thine can beAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
No warm, downy pillow his sweet head pressedAda J. Blenkhorn (Author)English8
O beautiful home in gloryAda Blenkhorn (Author)English1
O beautiful land of the blessedAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O city fair, beyond the seaAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O froher Tag, wir grüßen dichA. B. (Author)German2
O, give to Him your love todayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O happy morn, we welcome theeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
O hear the chime of gospel bells, sweet gospel bellsAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
O heart, adrift from love and homeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O let me in, I pray thee nowAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O let the love of God aboveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O Lord our God, we humbly bowAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O pilgrim art thou wearyAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O radiant star of BethlehemAda Blankhorn (Author)English2
O selige Heimat der FrommenA. B. (Author)German2
O speak to me, dear SaviorAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
O tell it again! I am longing to hearAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O tell the sweet story wherever you go, The story of earth's sweetest nameAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O'er hill and dale, where sweetest flowers are growingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Of deeds, like daisies lowlyAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
O, erring one, say not too lateAda (Author)English2
On board the staunch salvation ship I sailAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
On Christ the Savior our sins were laidAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
On joyful feet love runs to meetAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
One little word, O who its power can tellAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Only a song for the Master, Sweetly and fervently givenMiss Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English6
Onward, the foe to meet, fearless we goAda Blenkhorn (Author)English10
Our God, who made with matchlessAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Our happy hearts again uniteAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Our hearts will sing with gladnessAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Out of my darkness into Thy light, Jesus, I come to TheeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Pilgrims, traveling to yon city, blessings rich inAda Blenkhorn (Author)2
Pitter, patter, little feetAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Praise the name of Jesus, Best and truest friendAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Praise ye the Lord, joyfully shout hosannaAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
Praise ye the Lord, let the glad carols ringAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Pressing forward our cause to winAda Blenkhorn (Author)English6
Pressing on the way to the land of dayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Är du med och kämparAda Blenkhorn (Author)Swedish2
Rejoice, rejoice, ye soldiers of the KingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Ring out salvation's joyful soundAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Rise, O glorious Christ divineAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Sailing sailing Christ our ship doth guideAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Saved to save others rejoicing I sing (Blenkhorn)Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Savior, I would follow TheeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
See, the light is breaking over valeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Seek to be a blessing in this darkened worldAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Sein Angesicht, so hold und schönAda Blenkhorn (Author)German2
Since God, through the blood of the Crucified OneAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Sing a song for JesusAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
Sing his praise, joyful praise, glorify His nameAda J. Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Sing I will and sing I mustAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Smile and be cheery, though others may frownAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Soldiers of Jesus, brave and trueAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Soldiers of Jesus, 'tis your Master callingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Sometimes in days of darknessAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Sometimes the dark clouds will overshadow the blueAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Sonnenschein im Leben, Auf dem Pfad der PflichtA. B. (Author)German2
Speak, dear Lord, let me hear thy sweet voiceAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Standing and knocking today at your heartAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Stepping lightly, singing brightlyAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
Strong arm of God, make known Thy powerAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Sweet are the songs we sing In our dear Father's earAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Sweetly sing, sweetly sing AnthemsAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
¿Temes que en la lucha no podrás vencer?Ada Blenkhorn (Author)Spanish2
That I might not taste of deathAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
The judgment day is coming, O be ready when the trumpet callsAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
The little town of BethlehemAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
The night is past, the day doth breakAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
The price is paid, the feast is freeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
The Prince of glory left His throne, The sinner's friend to beAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
The Savior gave His life for meMiss A. Blenkhorn (Author)English3
The Savior's hand is knocking stillAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
The song my heart doth love to singAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
The Spirit doth witness just now in my heartAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
The voice of thy conscience oft whispersAda Blenkhorn (Author)English9
The way to heaven will brighter growAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
The woodland hymns are waking withAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
The world and its pleasuresAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
The world is full of sin and painAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
There are no good byes in heaven where the many mansions beAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
There are souls opprest by sorrow all along life's rugged wayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
There is a holy city Whose builder is our GodAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
There is a place I love to dwellAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
There is a song so sweet and oldAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
There is one loved me so that for me He diedAda Blenkhorn (Author)English21
There is one who loves me, one who is my friendAda Blenkhorn (Author)English17
There's a beautiful, beautiful riverAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
There's a beautiful, wonderful storyAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
There's a blessed hour to my heart most dearAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
There's a city, shining whiteAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
There's a dark and a troubled side of lifeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English49
There's a gentle voice that we love to hearAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
There's a land of light and beautyAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
There's a light that is shining, my brother, for youAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
There's a lighthouse by the seaAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
There's a sound within the landAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
There's a welcome awaiting the childrenAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
There's a world from sin to saveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
There's always a song in the Christian's heartAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
There's an anthem ever ringingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
There's joy in the homeland, there's plenty and peaceAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
They reach their dusky hands to youAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Though high toss the billows on life's stormy seaAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Thou who didst the shepherds guideAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Though in the grave the Savior layAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Though rich and manifold each hourAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Though stormy clouds of darknessAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Though toilsome the journeyAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
'Tis not too late, no, not too lateAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
'Tis the Savior speaks unto you todayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
'Tis the time of sowing, and the day grows lateAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
To be like thee, Lord I seekAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
To each soul a voice is callingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
To His dear voice I listenedAda Blenkhorn (Author)English7
To the battle, to the battle, See, the foe is waiting nigh!Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English4
To the Lord's great armyAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Toil on, toil on, nor weary growAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Und toben die Wogen des Lebens so wildA. B. (Author)German2
Unto the hills I lift mine eyes, The shining hills of ParadiseAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Unto the Lord a new song we will singAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Upon the cross of Calvary (Blenkhorn)Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Upon the mountain heights of lifeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Waiting for Jesus, waiting for JesusMiss Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Waiting with joyful hearts to hear our blessed Lord's commandAda Blenkhorn (Author)English6
Walking in the steps of Jesus, As He walked from day to dayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Wandering far from Thee, dear LordAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Washed in the blood that doth cleanse from all sinAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Watch above us God is keepingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
We are children of the King, And our love and tribute bringAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
We are marching, marching, marchingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
We are soldiers of King JesusAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
We live in the lovely landAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
We shall find as we pass over life's long roadAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
We sing of the stars that shall be in our crownAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
We speak, our Savior dear, to TheeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
We walked in a field of daisiesAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
We will conquer the world for JesusAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
We will follow Jesus when the days are joyfulAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
We will toil for Christ, our Master, with loyal hearts and trueAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
We'll watch and pray and labor every dayMiss Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English5
We're in the fight for victoryAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
We're soldiers true, and mean to doAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
We're under marching orders, each command we will obeyAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
What can we give to JesusAda Blenkhorn (Author)English9
When a shadow fallethAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
When all without is discordAda Blenkhorn (Author)English5
When around my soul the stormy waves are beatingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
When danger and sorrow encompassed my soulAda Blenkhorn (Author)English9
When dangers surround me, my heart will not fearAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
When from the fold I went astrayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
When from the fold of Christ, my Savior, I went astrayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English6
When I shall cross over the riverAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
When lost upon the desert wildAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
When skies are blue above our headAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
When the clouds of trouble gather And the stormy waves roll highAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
When the dark clouds of trouble pass overAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
When the King shall come to ZionAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
When the morning sun is bright And the harvest fields are whiteAda Blenkhorn (Author)English6
When the sky is bright and our hearts are lightAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
When the sky is overcastAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
When the storm tossed waves are rollingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
When the sun shines brightestAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Where His precious blood is flowingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Where they have heard not the gosple's glad soundAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Where will you be when life is over?Miss Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Wherever He leads us we can goAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
While I'm busy in the work the Lord has given me to doAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
While Jesus doth plead for some one to leadAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
While you onward fare, in the narrow wayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Whispers of his love coming from aboveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
White are the fields before us lyingAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Who is the children's dearest FriendMiss Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Whom shall I meet in the unseen countryAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Wie herrlich ist Jesu LiebeA. B. (Author)German2
Will you give yourself to JesusAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Will you go with me, dear brotherAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Wird es oft im Leben dunkel um dich herAda Blenkhorn (Author)German2
With joyful song we greet the dayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Wonderful, wonderful message from aboveAda Blenkhorn (Author)3
World wide hosannas fill the airAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Worthy for Christ to bear the CrossAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Would you be free from the bondage of sin?Ada Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Would you mount temptation's waveAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Would you to your Savior now be reconciledAda Blenkhorn (Author)English4
Would your heart be free from sinAda Blenkhorn (Author)English3
Ye soldiers of the cross, awakeAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Ye toilers in the vineyardAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
Yield not to the tempter, Walk not in his wayAda Blenkhorn (Author)English2
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