James L. Black

Short Name: James L. Black
Full Name: Black, James L. (See also Crosby, Fanny)

Pseudonym. See also Crosby, Fanny, 1820-1915

Texts by James L. Black (50)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Alas how long have I refusedJames L. Black (Author)English3
All to Thee, O Savior mineJames L. Black (Author)English3
Along the line of soldiersJames L. Black (Author)English1
Carry me tenderly, Jesus, my SaviorJames L. Black (Author)English3
Child of God, be not discouragedJames L. Black (Author)English6
Dies bleibt mein Ruhm, dass Christi BlutJames L. Black (Author)German1
Dig glæd, Guds barn, o, dig glæd og singJames L. Black (Author)Norwegian1
God is here, and that to bless usJames L. Black (Author)English10
Hark, a voice like a trumpet callJames L. Black (Author)English1
Hear the gospel invitation, Come to Jesus, will you come?James L. Black (Author)English1
Hither, ye desolate, starving for breadJames L. Black (Author)English1
How can we fall if the Savior upholds usJames L. Black (Author)English3
I am learning the song of the ransomed aboveJames L. Black (Author)English1
I am singing all the day, Hallelujah to JesusJames L. Black (Author)English3
I sit at the feet of JesusJames L. Black (Author)English4
I will not doubt my Savior's loveJames L. Black (Author)English3
I'm happy, I'm happy as mortal can beJames L. Black (Author)English2
In the good old way where the saints have goneJames L. Black (Author)English15
Jesus my Savior, blessed Redeemer, Leading me on so kindly and tenderlyJames L. Black (Author)English1
Look up and press onwardJames L. Black (Author)English1
Lord, with all my heart I praise TheeJames L. Black (Author)English3
Mourner, lay thy broken heartJames L. Black (Author)English1
Nearing the harbor, nearing the strandJames L. Black (Author)English1
O hail blessed morn, when the Lord as He promisedJames L. Black (Author)English1
O Kedron, lovely Kedron, Whose pensive music blestJames L. Black (Author)English2
O my Savior, grieved and slightedJames L. Black (Author)English1
O precious Redeemer, what rapture is mineJames L. Black (Author)English1
O Savior, tarry yet, Hear me I prayJames L. Black (Author)English1
Of Him I boast who shed for meJames L. Black (Author)English4
O wondrous love, how can it be, That Jesus came to make us freeJames L. Black (Author)English1
One by one, the sheaves are gatheredJames L. Black (Author)English2
Our souls cry out HallelujahJames L. Black (Author)English25
Precious words of holy promiseJames L. Black (Author)English1
Rejoice, O children of God, rejoiceJames L. Black (Author)English2
Return, O ye lost ones, for why will ye strayJames L. Black (Author)English3
Send the tidings, happy tidingsJames L. Black (Author)English1
Take the balm of consolationJames L. Black (Author)English1
The Master commandeth his servantsJames L. Black (Author)English2
The pensive light of eve returnsJames L. Black (Author)English1
There is a joy that fills my soulJames L. Black (Author)English2
Thou art a Rock in a thirsty landJames L. Black (Author)English3
Thou ridest to conquer, all glorious thy nameJames L. Black (Author)English1
Thou, whose all pervading presenceJames L. Black (Author)English1
'Tis faith that leads the trembling soulJames L. Black (Author)English1
'Tis the blessed Savior callingJames L. Black (Author)English1
Under Thy sacred bannerJames L. Black (Author)English1
We have taken up the cross for the Master's sakeJames L. Black (Author)English1
We thank Thee, Lord, for every joyJames L. Black (Author)English1
Weary and thirsty, O why wilt thou roam?James L. Black (Author)English6
When my spirit droops and faltersJames L. Black (Author)English1
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