John Bishop

Short Name: John Bishop
Full Name: Bishop, John, 1665-1737
Birth Year: 1665
Death Year: 1737

John Bishop was born in 1665 in Winchester, Hampshire, England He served as lay vi­car at King’s Coll­ege, Cam­bridge (1687), as the or­gan­ist (1695-1737) and lay clerk (1697) at Winc­hes­ter Coll­ege, and also as tge or­gan­ist at Winchester Ca­thed­ral (1729-37). He died about December 19, 1737 in Winchester. His works in­clude:
A New Set of Psalm Tunes, 1710
A New Set of Psalm Tunes, 1722
A Sup­ple­ment to the New Psalm-Book, 1725
A New Set of Psalm Tunes, 1730

NN, Hymnary. Source:

Tunes by John Bishop (2)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ILLSLEYJohn Bishop (Composer)4811512 34321 11512
LEICESTER (Bishop)John Bishop (Composer)2355171 42771 75117

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