Thomas Benjamin

Short Name: Thomas Benjamin
Full Name: Benjamin, Thomas
Birth Year: 1940

Thomas Benjamin was born in 1940 in Bennington, Vermont. He received degrees from Bard College, Bradeis, Harvard and Eastman. He has taught at the National Music Camp at Interlochen, the University of Houston's School of Music, and the Peabody Conservatory of The John Hopkins University. He is the co-author of three music theory texts and the author of two books on counterpoint. He has composed music for violin, piano, viola, orchestra, chamber orchestras and choir. He has also written oratorios, cantatas, operas, and a number of hymn tunes for the Unitarian church.

Dianne Shapiro from "A digital library of Unitarian Universalist biographies, books, and media," Harvard Square Library, accessed online 8/9/2020

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AlleluiaThomas Benjamin, 1940- (Author)English, German1
Alleluia, sing alleluiaThomas Benjamin (Author)English2

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