John Ness Beck

Short Name: John Ness Beck
Full Name: Beck, John Ness, 1930-1987
Birth Year: 1930
Death Year: 1987

John Ness Beck attended Ohio State University, where he studied science as an undergraduate and music composition as a graduate student. He taught music theory and harmony at Ohio State and served as director of the University Music House. He was also music director of the University Baptist Church in Columbus. Cofounder and president of Beckenhorst Press, a retail sheet music publisher, Beck was also board chairperson of the John Ness Beck Foundation for choral composers and arrangers of traditional American music. He published some 120 works, most of which are anthems, hymns, and vocal solos for church use.

Psalter Hymnal Handbook, 1988

Wikipedia Biography

John Ness Beck (November 11, 1930 – June 25, 1987) was a composer and arranger of choral music. He was best known for his very popular and accessible settings of traditional Sacred music. Beck was a conductor and arranger of international renown. His works are highly celebrated and performed by high school, college, church, community, and professional choirs across the globe today.

Tunes by John Ness Beck (4)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ACCEPTANCEJohn Ness Beck (Composer)1055566 66771 76677
BECK (J. N. Beck)John Ness Beck (Composer)633233 54323 32335
LANCASHIRE (Smart)John Ness Beck (Composer of Descant)155346 53114 56255
ST. GEORGE'S WINDSOR (Elvey)John Ness Beck (Arranger of alternate last verse harmony)133531 23335 31233

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