William Hiley Bathurst

William Hiley Bathurst
Short Name: William Hiley Bathurst
Full Name: Bathurst, William Hiley, 1796-1877
Birth Year: 1796
Death Year: 1877

Bathurst, William Hiley , M.A., son of the Rt. Hon. Charles Bragge (afterwards Bathurst) some time M.P. for Bristol, born at Clevedale, near Bristol, Aug. 28, 1796, and educated at Winchester, and Christ Church, Oxford, graduating B.A. in 1818. From 1820 to 1852 he held the Rectory of Barwick-in-Elmet, near Leeds. Resigning the Rectory in the latter year, through his inability to reconcile his doctrinal views with the Book of Common Prayer, he retired into private life, and died at Lydney Park, Gloucestershire, Nov. 25, 1877. His works include, The Georgics of Virgil: Translated by W. H. B., 1849; Metrical Musings; or, Thoughts on Sacred Subjects in Verse, 1849; and Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Use, 1831 (2nd ed. 1842). This last contains 141 versions of Psalms, and 206 hymns. All the latter, and many of the former are original. Of his hymns, those in most extensive use are, "Hark! the distant isles proclaim," "Holy Spirit from on high,” "Jesus, Thy Church with longing eyes,” "Eternal Spirit, by whose power," "O for a faith that will not shrink” and “O Saviour, may we never rest." In addition to these and a few others (all of which are annotated under their first lines), the following are in common use, but mainly in America:—
1. Before Thy cross, my dying Lord. Faith.
2. Before Thy mercy-seat, O Lord. Holy Scriptures.
3. Behold what unspeakable love. Heaven.
4. Does the Lord of Glory speak? Holy Scripture.
5. Ere the world with light invested. Holy Spirit.
6. Except the Lord our labours bless. Ps. cxxvii.
1. Full of weakness and of sin. The Creator Spirit desired.
8. Glory to the Almighty Father. Praise.
9. Holy Lord, our hearts prepare. Preparation for Prayer.
10. Holy Spirit from on high. Holy Spirit's direction implored.
11. How blest are they who feel the weight. Repentance.
12. How strange that souls whom Jesus feeds. Conflict.
13. How sweet it is in early youth. Youthful Piety.
14. How sweet the hour of closing day. Death.
15. Led by a Father's gentle hand. Communion of Saints
16. Lord, a better heart bestow. Lent.
17. Lord, bid the light arise. To the Holy Spirit.
18. Lord, shed Thy glory as of old. Whitsuntide.
19. Lord, what blessed consolation. Safety of the Church.
20. Lord, when our offerings we present. Offertory.
21. 0 for a beam of heavenly light. Lent.
22. 0 for that flame of living tire. Holy Spirit.
23. 0 give thanks unto the Lord. Ps. cv.
24. Shepherd of Israel, from above. On behalf of Children.
25. This day the Lord hath called His own. Sunday.
26. When the world my heart is rending. Heaven.
27. Why search ye in the narrow tomb? Ascension.
28. Ye servants of the living God. Praise.
All these hymns were given in his Psalms & Hymns , &c, 1831 (Preface dated November 15th, 1830), and repeated, without alteration, in the 2nd ed., 1842. They are characterized by simplicity of language, and directness of aim; but do not in any instance rise above the ordinary level of passable hymn-writing. In some American collections Bathurst's name is contracted to "Bath," and this is regarded either as a complete surname or as a Bath Collection. The contraction was given by Bickersteth in his Christian Psalmody, 1833.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Bathurst, William H., p. 117, ii. Additional hymns from his Psalms & Hymns, 1831, are in common use as follows:—
1. Great God, when I approach Thy throne. Redemption.
2. How bright a day was that which saw. The First Sabbath.
3. How frail and fallible I am. Jesus Unchangeable.
4. In Jesus' name with one accord. Divine Worship.
5. Lord, I claim Thee for my own. Ps. lxiii.
6. Lord shew Thy glory as of old. This is not "Lord shed Thy glory, &c," as stated at p. 118, i., 18.
7. Lord, when I lift my voice to Thee. Ps. ci.
8. O Lord, defend us as of old. Ps. lxxiv.
9. O Lord, how long shall heathens hold. Ps. lxxix.
10. 0 Lord, look down with pitying eye. Intercession for the Jews. Begins with st. iv. of “0 how is Zion's glory gone."
11. Praise God, O my soul. Ps. cxlvi.
12. Saviour, at Thy feet we bow. United Prayer.
13. 'Tis past, that agonizing hour. Ascension.
14. The Lord look'd all around. Universal Corruption.
15. To the Source of every blessing. Praise to the Father.
16. What can relieve the troubled soul? Christ the Comforter.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

William H. Bathurst (28 August 1796 – 25 November 1877) was an Anglican clergyman and hymnist. William Hiley Bathurst was the son of the Rt. Hon. Charles Bragge. He was born at Cleve Dale, Mangotsfield, near Bristol on 28 August 1796. His mother was Charlotte Addington and his maternal grandmother's was Hiley, thus his middle name. He married Mary Anne Rhodes, in September 1829 and had 4 children. His grave is in Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans.

Texts by William Hiley Bathurst (67)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A beam from heaven is sentWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)2
Almejo a fé que forte é no mundo tentadorWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)Portuguese2
Before thy cross, my dying LordWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)4
Before thy mercy seat, O LordWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English19
Call it not death, it is but lifeWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)2
Danos el fuego que ardíoWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)Spanish2
Darkness long hath veiled the nationsWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English2
Ere the world, with light investedWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)2
Eternal Spirit, by whose powerWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English6
Except the Lord our labors blessBathurst (Author)English12
Few are the hours when we can shareWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)6
Full of weakness and of sinWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English7
Glory to the almighty FatherWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English5
Great God, when I approach thy throneBathurst (Author)English29
Hail, brightest, happiest mornWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English2
Hark, the distant isles proclaimWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English9
Holy Lord, our hearts prepareWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)17
Holy Spirit, from on highBathurst (Author)English67
How blest are they whose hearts are pureW. H. Bathurst, 1796-1877 (Author)English1
How blessed the righteous when he diesWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English1
How bright a day was that, which sawWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)6
How long will ye despise My name?William H. Bathurst (Author)English2
How sweet it is in early youthWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)English2
How sweet the hour of closing dayWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English93
How vainly strive ungodly foesWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English2
In pity to a dying worldWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English2
Is there a world of bitter woeWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)English2
Jesus, Thy church with longing eyesRev. William H. Bathurst, 1796- (Author)English68
குன்றிப்போகா விஸ்வாசமே (Kuṉṟippōkā visvācamē)William Hiley Bathurst (Author)Tamil2
Lord, a better heart bestowWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)4
Lord, bid Thy light ariseWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English10
Lord, let thy saving mercy healWm. Hiley Bathurst (Author)2
Lord, show thy glory, as of oldWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)3
Lord, when I lift my voice to TheeWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)English3
Lord, when our offerings we presentWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)5
Lord, when wilt Thou extend Thy swayWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)English2
O att den elden lyste klarWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)Swedish2
O for a beam of heavenly lightWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)2
O for a faith that will not shrinkWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English511
O, give thanks unto the Lord, All His wondrous deeds proclaimWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)3
O havde jeg saa sterk en troWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)Norwegian2
O how is Zion's glory goneWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)2
O Savior, may we never rest, Till Thou art formed withinWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English15
O Tro, som skr'kkes ej, om denWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)Danish2
O for that flame of living fireWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English66
¡Oh! tenga yo la ardiente feWilliam H. Bathurst (1796-1877) (Author)Spanish1
Por una fe capaz, SeñorWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)Spanish2
Savior at Thy feet we bowWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English10
Savior, let Thy Gospel lightWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English2
Shepherd of Israel, from aboveRev. William Hiley Bathurst, 1796- (Author)English16
Spirit of holiness, look downWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)20
Spirit of life, thine influence shedWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)2
The long expected hour draws nearWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)English2
The Lord shall come; at that great dayWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)English2
The Savior comes; O happiest soundWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)English2
This day the Lord hath called His own Bathurst (Author)English23
To the Source of every blessingWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)6
When shall thy name be knownWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)2
When the world my heart is rendingWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English13
When threatening enemies assailWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)English2
Who can declare the day or hourWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English2
Why buy we that which is not breadWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)1
Why search ye in the narrow tombWilliam Hiley Bathurst (Author)1
Why should our tears in sorrow flowWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English79
Wide o’er earth’s remotest borderWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English2
Ye servants of the living God Let praise your hearts employWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)7
Zion, by her God forsakenWilliam H. Bathurst (Author)English2

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