Joseph Barnby

Joseph Barnby
Short Name: Joseph Barnby
Full Name: Barnby, Joseph, 1838-1896
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1896

Joseph Barnby (b. York, England, 1838; d. London, England, 1896) An accomplished and popular choral director in England, Barby showed his musical genius early: he was an organist and choirmaster at the age of twelve. He became organist at St. Andrews, Wells Street, London, where he developed an outstanding choral program (at times nicknamed "the Sunday Opera"). Barnby introduced annual performances of J. S. Bach's St. John Passion in St. Anne's, Soho, and directed the first performance in an English church of the St. Matthew Passion. He was also active in regional music festivals, conducted the Royal Choral Society, and composed and edited music (mainly for Novello and Company). In 1892 he was knighted by Queen Victoria. His compositions include many anthems and service music for the Anglican liturgy, as well as 246 hymn tunes (published posthumously in 1897). He edited four hymnals, including The Hymnary (1872) and The Congregational Sunday School Hymnal (1891), and coedited The Cathedral Psalter (1873).

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Texts by Joseph Barnby (15)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
There is a book who runs may readJoseph Barnby (Author)English1
The day, O Lord, is spentSir Joseph Barnby (Author)English1
Spirit of God, descend upon my heartJoseph Barnby (Author)English1
Sing we to our God aboveJoseph Barnby (1838- ) (Author)English2
O Stranger, with no place to layJoseph Barnby (Author)1
O perfect Love, all human thought transcendingJoseph Barnby (Author)English1
O God, whose love is over allJoseph Barnby (Author)English1
My Master was a workerJoseph Barnby (Author)English1
Lord of the strong, when earth you trodJoseph Barnby (Author)English1
Light of light, enlighten meJoseph Barnby (Author)English1
Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peaceJoseph Barnby (Author)English1
I sing th' almighty power of GodJoseph Barnby (Author)English1
For all the Saints, who from their labor restJoseph Barnby (Author)English2
Draw nigh and take the Body of the LordJoseph Barnby (Author)English20
Behold a Sower! from afarJoseph Barnby (Author)1

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