Willem Barnard

Short Name: Willem Barnard
Full Name: Barnard, Willem, 1920-
Birth Year: 1920
Death Year: 2010

Willem (Wilhelmus) Barnard was born in Rotterdam on August 15, 1920. Barnard was a Dutch protestant (Netherlands Reformed) theologian, pastor, writer and poet. He published about twenty volumes of poetry under the pseudonym Guillaume van der Graft. After graduating from the Grammar School he studied Dutch Language and Literature at Leiden. Later he studied theology and was a Netherlands Reformed minister in Hardenberg and Nijmegen. In 1954 he became study-secretary of the Prof. Dr. G. van der Leeuw-foundation, which meant a lot for the renewal of liturgy and church-hymns. In the sixties he was minister in Roosendaal, but his unstable health forced him to apply for an early retirement in 1974. He died in Utrecht on November 21, 2010.


Texts by Willem Barnard (3)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All people that on earth do dwellWillem Barnard (Translator (Dutch))English4
For the crowd of thousandsWillem Barnard (Author (Dutch))3
[God's Word throughout the Ages]Willem Barnard (Author)English3

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