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Charlotte Alington Barnard
Short Name: Charlotte Alington Barnard
Full Name: Barnard, Charlotte Alington (See also Claribel), 1830-1869
Birth Year: 1830
Death Year: 1869

Mrs. Charles Barnard, usage: Clar­i­bel. See also Claribel, 1830-1869

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HALL (Claribel)Mrs. Charles Barnard (Composer)155533 21567 75554
[Give of your best to the Master]Charlotte A. Barnard (Composer)11533343 25551 23432
BROCKLESBURYCharlotte A. Barnard (Composer)14232157 66511 33232
[Holy, holy, holy, Lord]Claribel (Composer)134556 15345 65432
[Little by little the day goes by]Mrs. Chas. Barnard (Composer)333332 35443 22543
PILGRIMAGE (Claribel)C. A. Barnard (Composer)156533 21671 54325
[I cannot sing the old songs I sang long years ago]Mrs. Chas. Barnard (Composer)253221 17446 76533
[They bid me choose an easier path] (Barnard)Charlotte Alington Barnard (Composer)113347 65535 4423

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