I. Baltzell

I. Baltzell
Short Name: I. Baltzell
Full Name: Baltzell, I. (Isaiah), 1832-1893
Birth Year: 1832
Death Year: 1893

Baltzell, Isaiah. (near Frederick, Maryland, November 26, 1832--January 16, 1893, Frederick). He was educated in the common schools, and at New Windsor Academy, Carroll County, Maryland. In 1859 he married Cecilia Caroline James at Mountain Jackson, Virginia. Originally a Lutheran, he joined the United Brethren Church in 1847, was licensed to preach by the Virginia Conference in 1854, and ordained in 1856. In 1862 he joined the Pennsylvania Conference. He was presiding elder from 1875 to 1880, and from 1883 to 1889. He was a delegate to three General Conferences, and was a trustee of Otterbein University. In 1873 he was appointed by the General Conference a member of the committee to superintend the publication of Hymns for the Sanctuary. His first compilation was Revival Songster (Baltimore, 1859). He was joint editor, with G.W.M. Rigor, or Choral Gems (1871); joint editor, with E.S. Lorenz, of Heavenly Carols, Songs of Grace, Gates of Praise, Songs of Cheer, Songs of the Kingdom, Holy Voices, Songs of Refreshing, Notes of Triumph, Garnered Sheaves, Songs of the Morning, and The Master's Praise. He was also author of music and services for special occasions, and the editor and publisher of Carols of Praise.

See: Shuey, W.A. (1892). Manual of the United Brethren Publishing House; Historical and Descriptive: 243-244.

Some of his hymns bear the pseudonym Amicus.

--Harry Eskew, DNAH Archives

Texts by I. Baltzell (143)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
"Almost persuaded" to leave the ways of sinI. Baltzell (Author)English4
Anhelo trabajar por el SeñorIsaiah Baltzell (Author)Spanish7
Anseio trabalhar por meu SenhorI. Baltzell (Author)Portuguese2
Auf dem Lebensmeer wir segelnI. Baltzell (Author)German1
Awake, awake, make ready for the fightI. Baltzell (Author)English1
Beautiful mansions prepared for meIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Blessed are the faithful, watching for the LordIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English3
Blessed Jesus, I would ever beI. Baltzell (Author)English2
Blessed Savior, with Thy thorny crownI. Baltzell (Author)English1
Come, let us rejoice as we come before the LordI. Baltzell (Author)English2
Come, let us sing a cheerful strainIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Come, little children, and adore Him, Savior of all, He reigns aboveIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Come, little soldiers, 'list in the armyRev. I. Baltzell (Author)English4
Come sing the praise of Jesus, Lamb of GodI. B. (Author)English2
Come, weary soul, sin burdened and distressedIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Der frohe Tag bricht anIsaiah Baltzell (Author)German1
Ein Arbeiter für Jesum will ich seinI. Baltzell (Author)German1
Gentle Shepherd of the sheepIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Go ye forth and scatter seeds of kindnessIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Gone, gone, dead and goneI. Baltzell (Author)2
Good news comes over the seaIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English16
Hallelujah, Jesus saves me, I am washed in blood divineI. Baltzell (Author)English1
Hark, the angelic song from the regions afarI. B. (Author)English4
Hark, the angels singing, Wake the happy mornI. Baltzell (Author (Chorus))English1
Hark, the song of temperance, swelling over hill and plainIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Hark! what mean those holy voicesI. B. (Author (Chorus))English2
Hear the proclamation sounding far and nearIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Hear the voice of the LordI. Baltzell (Author)English1
Ho, everyone who thirsts, draw nighI. Baltzell (Author)English1
How long, O how long must our pleading be vain?Isaiah Baltzell (Author)English2
How sweet are the words of the gospelIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
I am sweeping toward the golden gateIsaiah Baltzell (Author)2
I am the Way, O hear ye the blessed Savior sayI. Baltzell (Author)English4
I am weary of earth, for the friends I loveI. Baltzell (Author)2
I cannot save my soul from sinIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
I have found redemption in the Savior's bloodI. B. (Author)English8
I long for that beautiful home over thereI. Baltzell (Author)2
I love to think of my heavenly homeIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English8
I once was a stranger to grace and to God (M'Cheyne)Isaiah Baltzell (Author)English5
I see the bright light as it beams from the eyeI. B. (Author)English2
I want to be a worker for the Lord, I want to love and trust his holy wordI. B. (Author)English177
I will go to Jesus, He's my loving SaviorIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
I will sing of the mercies of GodIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
I will watch and wait for the morning's dawnI. B. (Author)English11
I'll sing of a theme most sublimeI. Baltzell (Author)English4
I'm clinging to Thee my SaviorIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
I'm going yonder bright gloryIsaiah Baltzell (Author)3
I'm nearing the gates of the city, Yon city so bright and so fairIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English6
I'm sweeping toward the golden gateI. Baltzell (Author)2
In the Master's vineyard there is work to do (Baltzell)Isaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
I've long been a sinner, but now I can singIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Jesus calls, "Dear children, Come to me and live"Rev. I. Baltzell (Author)English4
Jesus died on the treeI. B. (Author)English5
Jesus, I come to Thee, Just as I amI. Baltzell (Author)English4
Jesus, ich komm' zu dirI. Baltzell (Author)German1
Jesus is ready to save you, Ready to save you just nowI. B. (Author)English3
Kindlich vereint und erfüllet mit DankI. Baltzell (Author)German1
Let me stay where my spirit is feastingIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Let the nations rejoice, for the Savior is comeIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Let us raise our hearts and voices in a gospel songIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Let us work, let us work in the vineyard todayIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Lo! our vessel's on the oceanI. B. (Author)English5
Lo, the fields are white and the laborers few (Carlin)Isaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Look at my pretty flowersIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Look ever to Jesus! O languishing soul!I. Baltzell (Author)English1
March to battle ever firm and trueI. Baltzell (Author)English2
Marching onward, marching onwardI. Baltzell (Author)English3
Merry the hearts that have gathered todayI. B. (Author)English4
Mir ist Heil geworden durch des Lammes BlutI. Baltzell (Author)German1
Murmur not, my soul, though here in sorrowI. B. (Author)English3
Must Jesus bear the cross aloneI. Baltzell (Author (Chorus))English3
Nearer, my God, to thee, Thou who has diedRev. I. Baltzell (Author)2
Nimm mein Herz, o JesusI. Baltzell (Author)German1
Now begin the heavenly race, Christ calls todayI. Baltzell (Author)English4
Now begin the heavenly race, Jesus calls todayI. Baltzell (Author)English1
O, brother, go to Jesus when troubled or distressedI. Baltzell (Author)English1
O brother, this world is a vineyardI. B. (Author)English3
O come let us make the welkin ringIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
O come, little children, your Savior is callingI. Baltzell (Author)English5
O how blessed is the service of the LordI. Baltzell (Author)English2
O Jesus, Savior, I long to restI. B. (Author)English32
O look beyond the shadowsI. Baltzell (Author)English1
O, redemption's wondrous storyI. Baltzell (Author)English2
O sinner, the Savior is calling, He offers you pardon nowI. Baltzell (Author)English1
O sinner, the Savior is calling, In accents of mercy and loveI. Baltzell (Author)English1
O the Savior is standing at the doorIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
O weary wanderer, dark night comes onIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English3
O, come to the Savior today, 'Tis folly to wait till tomorrowI. B. (Author)English7
O come today to the fountain, That flows for you and meI. Baltzell (Author (Chorus))English3
O, full salvation, Flowing for meI. B. (Author)English3
O how happy I feel as I gazeI. B. (Author)English4
On the Rock I stand, there is safety thereI. Baltzell (Author)English1
On the shore beyond [across] the seaRev. I. B. (Author)English15
Over the river, the river of time, Lies a bright land of a verdure sublimeIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English18
Praise the Lord, Jehovah, in His courts belowI. B. (Author)English2
Praise ye the Lord! praise ye the Lord! praise ye the Lord!Isaiah Baltzell (Author)English5
Precious Jesus, I am comingIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English6
Ready to go, ready to go, I have fought the tempter downIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English3
Rest, rest, sweetly restIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Ring out the sweet notes of the Christmas bellsI. Baltzell (Author)English2
Round the throne behold a glorious band, singingIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Safe in the life boat proudly we sailIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Savior, at the cross I'm waitingIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English18
Say not, O Christian reaperRev. I. Baltzell (Author)2
Scarcely saved, O what a wordIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English10
See the mighty hosts of Zion gatheringIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English3
Sinner, the banquet is waitingI. Baltzell (Author)English1
Stimm Jubellieder an, du Streiterschar des HerrnI. Baltzell (Author)German1
Take my heart, dear JesusIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English12
The birdlings sang their early notesI. Baltzell (Author)English1
The reapers now for many a dayIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
The Spirit came in childhoodL. Baltzall (Author)English2
The Spirit is striving dear sinnerIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
There is rest for the soul in the rich crimson tideI. B. (Author)English3
There is work for the hand, there is work for the heartI. Baltzell (Author)English1
There is work, there is work for the servants of GodIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
There's a glorious kingdom, ever bright and fairI. Baltzell (Author)2
There's a place where my loved ones are goneI. Baltzell (Author)English2
This festival day we'll be happy and gayI. Baltzell (Author)English1
Today the Savior calls, Come, children, comeRev. I. Baltzell (Author)English3
We are coming, we are coming, We have heard your plaintive cryIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
We are on our journey homeward, To a landIsaiah Baltzell (Author)2
We are sailing on the old ship of ZionI. B. (Author)English6
We come to praise the Savior's nameI. Baltzell (Author)English2
We love to sing togetherIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
We sometimes speak of a sad, still hourIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Weary souls that wander wide, Come to the crossIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English2
We'll all gather home in the morningRev. I. Baltzell (Author)English36
Wenn der Sturm des Lebens brausetI. Baltzell (Author)German1
We're a happy pilgrim band, Sailing to the goodly landIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English10
We're coming, we're coming, dear SaviorI. B. (Author)English5
When the clouds are gathering over thee (Baltzell)Rev. I. Baltzell (Author)English2
When the storm in its fury on Galilee fell And lifted its waters highRev. I. Baltzell (Author)English29
When the tempest high is raging, As I sail over life's rough seaIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English4
When this fitful life is overI. Baltzell (Author)1
When we all gather home in the morning, On the banks of the bright crystal seaI. B. (Author)English3
Which way are you going, my brother? Consider the question I prayI. C. B. (Author)English2
Who came to earth to die for allI. B. (Author)English3
Whosoever will may come, O wondrous messageIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
"Whosoever will," O hear the joyful soundIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English2
Whosoever will! shout aloud the soundIsaiah Baltzell (Author)English1
Would you leave the ways of sinI. Baltzell (Author)English1
Yo quiero trabajar por el SeñorIsaiah Baltzell (Author)Spanish6

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