E. C. Baird

Short Name: E. C. Baird
Full Name: Baird, E. C.
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All that I need is in Jesus, His love fills my cup to the brimE. C. Baird (Author)English2
Clearly it shines with gentle glowE. C. Baird (Author)2
From the bygone days of childhoodE. C. Baird (Author)English3
He came to me in mercy one dayE. C. Baird (Author)English4
I have a home in a fair summerlandE. C. Baird (Author)English11
I have a new song in my heart todayE. C. Baird (Author)2
I sing of a hope that is mine todayE. C. Baird (Author)2
I walked in the shadows, around me was nightE. C. Baird (Author)3
I went up into the mountain topE. C. Baird (Author)2
If Jesus has lifted your burden of sinE. C. Baird (Author)2
If mist and darkness becloud life's dayE. C. Baird (Author)English2
If sorrow and doubt come into your lifeE. C. Baird (Author)2
I'm a pilgrim and a stranger on earthE. C. Baird (Author)2
Jesus came down from his home aboveE. C. Baird (Author)2
Jesus the great physician cameE. C. Baird (Author)English2
Just when I needed a Savior and FriendE. C. Baird (Author)2
On a wonderful page, in God's wonderful bookE. C. Baird (Author)2
Once I was sad and homelessE. C. Baird (Author)2
Peace, goodwill among menE. C. Baird (Author)2
Since the road leads me homeE. C. Baird (Author)2
Sometime when toil is endedE. C. Baird (Author)English2
Sometimes, in sorrow, we travel life's roadE. C. Baird (Author)2
The Son of Man came to seek and saveE. C. Baird (Author)2
There are many sad hearts all around us todayE. C. Baird (Author)2
There's a light in my heartE. C. Baird (Author)2
Though your talents may be few and smallE. C. Baird (Author)2
When I was lost in the desert of lifeE. C. Baird (Author)2
When the Lord comes back in the glory cloudE. C. Baird (Author)2
Why will you wander, an exile from homeE. C. Baird (Author)English4
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