Harriet Auber

Short Name: Harriet Auber
Full Name: Auber, Harriet
Birth Year: 1773
Death Year: 1862

Auber, Harriet, daughter of Mr. James Auber, b. in London, Oct. 4, 1773. During the greater part of her quiet and secluded life she resided at Broxbourne and Hoddesdon, Herts, and died at the latter place on the 20th Jan., 1862. Miss Auber wrote devotional and other poetry, but only a portion of the former was published in her Spirit of the Psalms, in 1829. This collection is mainly her work, and from it some useful versions of the Psalms have been taken and included in modern hymn-books, about 20 appearing in Spurgeon's Our Own Hymn Book, 1866. Miss Auber's name is widely known, but it is principally through her exquisite lyric, "Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathed," and the Epiphany hymn, "Bright was the guiding star that led." (For criticism of her work, see English Psalters, §. 17.)

In addition to these and other hymns by Miss Auber, which are annotated under their respective first lines, the following are also in C. V., but principally in America:—

    1.  Arise, ye people, and adore.   Easter.
    2.  As Thy chosen people, Lord.   Ps. lxciii.
    3.  Can guilty man indeed believe?   Ps. xciv.
    4.  Delightful is the task to sing.   Ps. cxlvii.
    5.  Father of Spirits, Nature's God.   Ps. cxxxi.
    6.  Hail, gracious Source of every good.   Ps. Ixv.
    7.  Hasten, Lord, the glorious time.   Ps. lxxii.
    8.  Jehovah reigns, O earth, rejoice.   Ps. xccii.
    9.  Join, all ye servants of the Lord.   H. Scriptures.
    10.  Jesus, Lord, to Thee we sing.   Ps. cx.
    11.  O all ye lands, rejoice in God.   Ps. lxvi.
    12.  O God our Strength, to Thee the song.   Ps. lIxxxi.
    13.  O praise our great and gracious Lord.   Ps. lxxviii.
    14.  On thy church, O power divine.   Ps. lxvii.
    15.  Sweet is the work, O Lord.   Sunday.
    16.  That Thou, O Lord, art ever nigh.   Ps. lxxv.
    17.  The Lord, Who hath redeemed our souls.   Ps. xxxi.
    18.  When all bespeaks a Father's love.   Ps. set.
    19.  When dangers press and fears invade.   Ps. lxii.
    20.  Who, O Lord, when life is o'er.   Ps. xv.
    21.  Whom have we   Lord,  in  heaven, but Thee.   Ps. lxxiii.
    22.  Wide, ye heavenly gates, unfold.   Ascension.
    23.  With hearts in love abounding.   Ps. xlv.
    24.  With joy we hail the sacred day.   Sunday.
    25.  Vainly through the night the ranger.   Ps. cxvii.

All these psalm-versions and hymns are from her Spirit of the Psalms,   London, 1829.

- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Auber, Harriet, p. 90, ii. The following versions of psalms from her Spirit of the Psalms, 1829, are also in common use:-
1. Great God, wert Thou extreme to mark. Ps. cxxx. "Thy servants in the temple watched," begins with stanza ii. of this.
2. How blest are they who daily prove. Ps. xli.
3. How blest the children of the Lord. Altered from Ps. cxii.
4. Jehovah, great and awful name. Part of Ps. Ixxviii.
5. 0 Thou Whom heaven's bright host revere. Ps. Ixxxiv.
6. Praise the Lord, our mighty King. Ps. cxxxv.
7. Spirit of peace, Who as a [celestial] Dove. Ps. cxxxiii.
8. Thou by Whose strength the mountains stand. Ps. Ixv.
9. To heaven our longing eyes we raise. Ps. cxxi.
10. Vainly through night's weary hours. Ps. cxxvii. Sometimes "Vainly through the night the ranger."
11. While all the golden harps above. Easter.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

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Harriet Auber (4 October 1773 — 20 January 1862) was an English poet and hymnist. She is best remembered for her collection The Spirit of the Psalms, published in 1829, and for her hymn "Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathed," a treatise on the Holy Spirit and his work.

Texts by Harriet Auber (55)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Als Jesus heim zum Vater gingHarriet Auber (Author)German2
Angels bending from the skyHarriet Auber (Author)6
Arise, ye people, and adoreHarriet Auber (Author)English10
Arrayed against our church and faithHarriet Auber (Author)English2
As Thy chosen, people, LordHarriet Auber (Author)2
Blessed is the man who makes the wordHarriet Auber (Author)English2
Bright was the guiding star that ledMiss Harriet Auber (1773-1862) (Author)English96
Can guilty man, indeed, believeAuber (Author)2
Delightful is the task to singHarriet Auber (Author)10
Ere mountains reared their forms sublimeHarriet Auber (Author)English56
Father of spirits, nature's GodHarriet Auber (Author)English19
Great God, wert thou extreme to markHarriet Auber (Author)4
Hail, all hail the joyful mornHarriet Auber (Author)English22
Hail, gracious Source of every goodHarriet Auber (Author)5
Hasten, Lord, the glorious timeHarriet Auber (Author)English215
He came sweet influence to impartHarriet Auber (Author)1
How blest are they who daily proveHarriet Auber (Author)5
How blest the children of the LordHarriet Auber (Author)English14
Jehovah reigns! O earth, rejoiceHarriet Auber (Author)2
Jesus, Lord, to Thee we singHarriet Auber (Author)English2
عجل الوقت السعيدHarriet Auber (Author)Arabic1
Join all ye servants of the LordHarriet Auber (Author)English12
Mamua o ka pii ana'eHarriet Auber (Author)Hawaiian2
Ny Tompo, raha vao nanao veloma ny tatyHarriet Auber (Author)Malagasy2
O all ye lands, rejoice in GodHarriet Auber (Author)23
"O God, My God!" why, in this hourHarriet Auber (Author)English2
O God, our strength, to thee the songHarriet Auber (Author)English29
O God the Spirit, King of flameHarriet Auber (Author)2
O Lord, how infinite thy loveHarriet Auber (Author)2
O praise our great and glorious LordMiss H. Auber (Author)English12
Oh, why, by furious rage combinedHarriet Auber (Author)English2
On thy Church, O Power DivineHarriet Auber (Author)English50
On us the sun of righteousnessHarriet Auber (Author)2
Opeuŋkitoŋpi kiŋ HeHarriet Auber (Author)Dakota2
Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathedHarriet Auber (Author)English436
Spirit of peace, celestial doveHarriet Auber (Author)English38
Sweet is the work, O LordHarriet Auber (Author)English175
That man whose impious tongue deniesHarriet Auber (Author)English2
That Thou, O Lord, art ever nighHarriet Auber (Author)English2
The Lord who hath redeem'd our soulsHarriet Auber (Author)1
They who on the Lord relyHarriet Auber (Author)English27
This is the day the Lord hath made, O earth, rejoice and singHarriet Auber (Author)English13
Thy chosen temple, Lord, how fairHarriet Auber (Author)3
Thy servants in the temple watchedHarriet Auber (Author)2
Vain were all our toil and laborHarriet Auber (Author)English1
Vainly through night's weary hoursH. Auber (Author)English50
When all bespeaks a Father's loveHarriet Auber (Author)5
When dangers press and fears invadeHarriet Auber (Author)1
When troubles, like a whelming seaHarriet Auber (Author)English2
Who O Lord, when life is overMiss H. Auber (Author)English28
Whom have we, Lord, in heaven but TheeHarriet Auber (Author)English26
Wide, ye heavenly gates, unfoldMiss Harriet Auber (Author)English21
With hearts in love aboundingHarriet Auber (Author)English15
With joy we hail the sacred dayHarriet Auber (Author)English189
With stately towers and bulwarks strongHarriet Auber (Author)English24

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