Andrew of Crete

Andrew of Crete
Short Name: Andrew of Crete
Full Name: Andrew, of Crete, Saint, approximately 660-740
Birth Year: 660
Death Year: 740

Andrew, St., of Jerusalem, Archbishop of Crete (660-732). born at Damascus; he embraced the monastic life at Jerusalem, whence his name, as above. He was deputed by Theodore, Patriarch of Jerusalem, to attend the 6th General Council at Constantinople (680). He was there ordained deacon, and became Warden of the Orphanage. "During the reign of Philippus Bardesanes (711-714) he was raised by that usurper to the Archiepiscopate of Crete; and shortly afterward was one of the Pseudo-Synod of Constantinople, held under that Emperor's auspices in 712, which condemned the Sixth (Ecumenical Council and restored the Monothelite heresy. At a later period, however, he returned to the faith of the Church and refuted the error into which be had fallen." (Neale). He died in the island of Hierissus, near Mitylene, about 732. Seventeen of his homilies are extant, the best, not unnaturally, being on Titus the bishop of Crete. He is the author of several Canons, Triodia, and Idiomela; the most celebrated being The Great Canon. Whether he was the earliest composer of Canons is doubtful, but no earlier ones than his are extant. Those ascribed to him are:—1. On the Conception of St. Anne; 2. On the Nativity of the Mother of God; 3. The Great Penitential Canon. 4. On the Raising of Lazarus. 5, 6, 7, 8. On the First Days of Holy Week. 9. On the 25th Feast-day between Easter and Pentecost. Fuller biographical details in Diet Christ. Biog., vol. i. pp. 111-12. [Rev. H. Leigh Bennet, M.A.]

-John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Andrew of Crete (Greek: Ἀνδρέας Κρήτης, c. 650 – July 4, 712 or 726 or 740), also known as Andrew of Jerusalem, was an 8th-century bishop, theologian, homilist, and hymnographer. He is venerated as a saint in Eastern Orthodoxy and the Catholic Church.

Texts by Andrew of Crete (9)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Christian, do you struggleAndrew of Crete, c. 660-732 (Author (attr.))English2
Christian! dost thou see themSt. Andrew of Crete, 600-732 (Author)English205
¿Divisáis cristianosAndrés de Creta, 660-732 (Author)Spanish2
Exult, ye Gentiles! mourn, ye Hebrews!Andrew of Crete, c. 660-732 (Author)English2
Jesus, hastening for the world to sufferAndrew of Crete (Author)English4
O the mystery, passing wonderAndrew of Crete (Author)English4
Seht, ihr Christenleute, dort der Feinde ScharAndrew of Crete (Author)German1
The first of all apostlesAndrew of Crete (Author)English2
Whence shall my tears begin?St. Andrew of Crete (Author)English5

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