R. S. Ambrose

Short Name: R. S. Ambrose
Full Name: Ambrose, R. S. (Robert Steele), 1824-1908
Birth Year: 1824
Death Year: 1908

Robert Steele Ambrose United Kingdom 1824-1908, Ambrose grew up in Chelmsford, attending the parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, where his father was organist. He received early musical training from his father and probably sang in the church choir. His family emigrated to upper Canada in 1837 and purchased land near Guelph, intending to farm it. But lacking training and experience, he found it too much of a challenge. He moved to Hamilton, Ontario, in 1845 to become an organist of Christ's Church, leaving Robert to run the farm. That same year, Robert became the organist at St. George's Church in Guelph and gave piano lessons to several local pupils. He wrote to his father complaining that he did not like farming, as plowing was too rough on his hands and interfered with his musical efforts. He moved to Kingston in 1847 and joined his brother teaching music. His brother, Charles, left there,and Robert took over his students. He took on pianoforte tuning, organist for St. George's Church and a choirmaster position to make ends meet. In 1863 Robert moved to Hamilton as organist and choir director of Church of the Ascension and stayed there 20 years. The following year he became music director for Wesleyan Female College. He stayed there 25 years, teaching hundreds of students over the years. He was also a prolific composer, having 100+ musical works (anthems and instrumentals). In recognition of his musical contributions, he was elected president of the Canadian Society of Musicians.

John Perry

Tunes by R. S. Ambrose (3)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
DULCE DOMUMRobert S. Ambrose (Composer)6655555 56665 32333
[Savior, when in dust to Thee] (Ambrose)R. S. Ambrose (Composer)211117 12354 21231
[Welcome, sacred day of rest!]R. S. Ambrose (Composer)233323 53356 45321

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