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Owen Alstott › Tunes

Short Name: Owen Alstott
Full Name: Alstott, Owen

Tunes by Owen Alstott (49)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
LOBE DEN HERRENOwen Alstott (Arranger)111532 17656 7121
[Praise the Lord, O my soul] (Alstott)OA (Composer)253517
[Our source of life is Christ the Lord]Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)255711 32715 57171
[All who see me scoff at me] (Alstott)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)215453 14432 3
[For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord] (Alstott)OA (Composer)215654 3231
[The LORD's are the earth and its fullness] (Alstott 11212)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)211212 35343 21
[With the Lord there is mercy] (Alstott)OA (Composer)232332 35
[I will bless the Lord at all times] (Alstott 53642)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)253642 254
[I will walk in the presence of the Lord] (Alstott)OA (Composer)211777 66665
[Let the house of Israel say] (Alstott)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)251123 21355 6543
[Glory to God in the highest] (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott (Composer)211132 15656 66543
[Christ has died, Christ is risen] (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)212334 55561
[As the dew from heaven falls upon the earth]Owen Alstott (Composer)2
WHATSOEVER YOU DOOwen Alstott, b. 1947 (Arranger (choral))213556 54322 31761
[Whoever walks blamelessly]Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)255561 12332 31
[The LORD's are the earth and its fullness] (Alstott 55432)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)255432 33665
[The Lord gave them bread] (Alstott)OA (Composer)251112 1
[O God, you are my God whom I seek] (Alstott)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)251123 45543
[Fill us with your love, O Lord] (Alstott)OA (Composer)255433 22
[The Lord is my light and my salvation] (Alstott)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)251212 32561 1
[Sing to the Lord] (Alstott)Owen Alstott (Composer)255556 12123 12316
[Lord, by your cross and resurrection] (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)233234 54332 22311
[Keep me, O God] (Alstott)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)235651 765
[I will bless the Lord at all times] (Alstott 34534)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)234534 5432
[My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord, my God]OA (Composer)251123 45
[I will hear what God proclaims] (Alstott)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)212343 21165
[The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want] (Alstott)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)351232 22255 6
[For your pilgrim church]Owen Alstott (Composer)312356 71245 67134
[The Lord said to my Lord] (Alstott)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)312343 23333 321
[Praise the Lord, all you nations] (Alstott)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)351232 15564 32
[I will follow your ways, O Lord]Owen Alstott (Composer)355167 12133 21221
[I have made a covenant with my chosen one] (Alstott0Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)315654 32314 32
[The Lord has revealed to the nations his saving power]OA (Composer)351325 2315
[Save us, Savior of the world] (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)433321 77321 77112
[Out of the depths] (Alstott)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)411232 17551 23212
[You will draw water joyfully] (Alstott)OA (Composer)411235 45432
[We proclaim your Death, O Lord] (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)567167 76123 12233
[Threefold amen] (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)512334 551
[One thing I ask of the Lord, this I seek] (Alstott)Owen Alstott (Composer)553566 51231 43212
[O radiant star of heaven]Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)511556 64455 51111
[Glory to God in the highest] (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)511113 21565 66543
[When we eat this Bread] (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)567123 34323 22231
[Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world] (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)512343 34321 77711
[I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me]OA (Composer)551211
[Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts] (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott, b. 1947 (Composer)511321 56565 43211
[O God, my God, why have you abandoned me]Owen Alstott (Composer)551123 45551 12234
[Gather your people]Owen Alstott (Composer)632314 32122 33231
[My soul proclaims your mighty deeds]Owen Alstott (Composer)613455 56545 51345
LORD, HAVE MERCY (Heritage Mass)Owen Alstott (Composer)712312 11123 12

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