Chester G. Allen

Short Name: Chester G. Allen
Full Name: Allen, Chester G., 1838-1878
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1878

Chester G. Allen was known as a teacher, composer and musical writer. He taught music in Cleveland, Ohio public schools. He also edited and compiled collections of music for schools and churches, containing many of his own compositions.

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Tunes by Chester G. Allen (24)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Adoring saints lift up your heads]C. G. Allen (Composer)251712 34554 3212
BARTLETT (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)253217 21765 17143
[Beautiful way, hallowed and blest]Chester G. Allen, M. D. (Composer)232312 67156 54323
DENMARK (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)453123 15343 7125
[Far beyond this mortal shore]C. G. Allen (Composer)255653 53212 34236
[Glory in the highest, glory] (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)251332 35351 31543
[God of eternal truth]Chester G. Allen (Composer)456712 35313 25671
GREATOREXChester G. Allen (Composer)455312 65135 42171
[He captive led captivity] (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)356513 21565 43232
[I will go in the strength of the Lord] (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)251333 32153 21712
[Jesus reigns forever, mighty Victor still]Chester G. Allen (Composer)417123 51713 23234
[Can my soul find rest from sorrow] (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)233343 21534 53432
JOYFUL SONG (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)23335132 32176 51351
LEBANON (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)756531 23213 43655
[What shall we do, for the desert is lonely] (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)234323 17123 54321
[Meet me in that lovely land]Chester G. Allen (Composer)151765 35671 65653
[Our Father has planted a beautiful tree]Chester G. Allen (Composer)255345 15617 65517
[God our Father! we would praise Thee]Chester G. Allen (Composer)256711 23453 176
THE PENITENTChester G. Allen (Composer)733343 21534 53432
[The sweetest name in heaven above]Chester G. Allen (Composer)251713 21212 35653
WAVERLY (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)455512 31255 52342
[We are travelers here below] (Allen)Chester G. Allen (Composer)211171 25133 54325
[We welcome this beautiful Sabbath of rest]Chester G. Allen (Composer)256535 15123 32112
[When we turn to God and leave our path of sin]Chester G. Allen (Composer)434565 32432 13451

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