Cyril Alington

Cyril Alington
Alington in 1908 at the time of his appointment to Shrewsbury School
Short Name: Cyril Alington
Full Name: Alington, Cyril, 1872-1955
Birth Year: 1872
Death Year: 1955

Educated at Trinity College, Oxford, England, Cyril A. Alington (b. Ipswich, England, 1872; d. St. Leonards, Hertfordshire, England, 1955) was ordained a priest in the Church of England in 1901. He had a teaching career that included being headmaster at Shrewsbury School and Eton College. He was dean of Durham from 1933-1951 as well as chaplain to the king of England. His writings include literary works and Christianity in England, Good News (1945). Many of his hymns appeared in various twentieth-century editions of the famous British hymnal, Hymns Ancient and Modern.

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Cyril Argentine Alington (22 October 1872 – 16 May 1955) was an English educationalist, scholar, cleric, and author. He was successively the headmaster of Shrewsbury School and Eton College. He also served as chaplain to King George V and as Dean of Durham.

Texts by Cyril Alington (8)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O ZionC. A. Alington (Author)English2
Come, you people, rise and singC. A. Alington (Author)English5
God, whose city's sure foundationCyril Alington (Author)English5
Good Christians all, rejoice and singCyril A. Alington (Author)60
Lord of all, to whom aloneC. A. Alington, 1872-1955 (Author)3
Lord of beauty, thine the splendorC. A. Alington, 1872-1955 (Author)10
Lord, thou hast brought us to our journey's endCyril A. Alington (Author)3
Ye that know the Lord is graciousCyril Argentine Alington, 1872-1955 (Author)English13

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