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Pedal-Less Harmonizations for Carol Singing

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Scored for Organ

With the success of the first volume of "Pedal-Less Harmonizations for Hymn Singing" (70/1540L), we asked Mr. Smith to oblige us with a second volume dedicated to music for the yuletide season. And he did, beautifully. The idea is rather simple: a first verse involves playing the bass line on a separate 16' combination in the left hand (imitating the organ pedal) while the right hand plays all the other notes on another manual. The second verse offers the possibility of both hands on one manual and, if desired, a third verse with a free harmonization to add a special "lift" to the singing. A wonderful seasonal collection for the novice organist or for the pianist making the transition to organ.

Product Types: Shippable Product
Shippable Product
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Lani Smith
Difficulty: Easy
Season: Epiphany
Instrumentation: Organ