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Praise the God of Resurrection

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Scored for Piano, SATB Choir

An Easter Cantata

References to resurrections are often met with skepticism. The resurrection of Jesus is no exception, as it has encountered similar response over the years. That the church's Easter message has withstood the test of time is a living testament to the hundreds of first-century eye-witnesses who saw Jesus in the days immediately following His resurrection and the hundreds of thousands of believers who, down through the centuries, have perpetuated the message of the risen Christ. Praise the God of Resurrection! traverses the breadth of human emotion found in the passion story of our Lord. From joyous hosannas, to hours of solitude and rejection, to glorious alleluias, the pervading theme is that ultimately God is in control. Walking through the last days of Jesus' earthly life, this short cantata is a moving reminder of the power of the living God. A sensitive blending of scripture and inspired music, this work will enrich Lenten and Holy Week worship services in churches large or small.

Product Types: Shippable Product
Shippable Product
Mark Hayes
Lloyd Larson
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Season: Lent
Format: Musical or Cantata
Instrumentation: Piano SATB