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For Love of Country

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Eight Hymn Settings for Keyboard

Edwin T. Childs provides keyboard players with a delightful collection of short hymn settings representing national tunes from across the globe. This collection is designed for use on the piano or organ (manuals only with a few optional pedal notes provided). Childs has given each tune a unique, introspective treatment. Some of the tunes feature moving counterpoint. Others contain contemporary harmonic material, including cluster chords and quartal harmonies. This is a perfect collection to keep near the piano or organ for occasions of national celebration or when a short, refreshing setting of a familiar tune is needed. Tunes: AMERICA, FESTAL SONG, MATERNA, AUSTRIAN HYMN, NATIONAL HYMN, BEACH SPRING, BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC, CWM RHONDDA

Product Types: Shippable Product
Shippable Product
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Childs, Edwin
Instrumentation: Keyboard
Format: Sheet Music
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