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The Marilyn Mason Music Library, Volume 3

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Scored for Organ

Marilyn Mason, longtime organ professor at the University of Michigan, is well known as a great supporter of the art of organ composition. Throughout her tenure, she has commissioned numerous composers to write for her. These volumes are a collection of those compositions and represent the work of some of the best composers in the country.

Volume 3 Includes:
Celebration by Gordon Atkinson

Introduction, Passacaglia, and Fugue by Searle Wright

Bright, Blithe and Brisk by Leo Sowerby

Chorale Partita on Greensleeves by John Kramer

Seven Versets for Organ on the Magnificat by Scott M. Hyslop

Flourish and Fugue by John Cook

Beside Still Waters (Psalm 23) based on CRIMOND by Alice Jordan

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Instruments: Organ

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G. Atkinson
Searle Wright
L. Sowerby
Kramer J.
Scott M. Hyslop
Cook J.
Alice Jordan
Instrumentation: Organ
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