The Y.M.C.A. Hymnal: specially compiled for the use of men

Publisher: The Association of General Secretaries of Young Men's Christian Associations, London, 1910
Language: English
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God AlmightyNICAEAPage Scan
2aAll hail the power of Jesu's nameDIADEMATAPage Scan
2bAll hail the power of Jesu's nameMILES' LANEPage Scan
3Crown Him with many crownsDIADEMATAPage Scan
4Praise to the Holiest in the heightGERONTIUSPage Scan
5aLet us with a gladsome mindEVER FAITHFULPage Scan
5bLet us with a gladsome mindINNOCENTSPage Scan
6O Lord of heaven and earth and seaALMSGIVINGPage Scan
7For the beauty of the earthST. BRANNOCKPage Scan
8I lift my heart to TheeBUDLEIGHPage Scan
9Jerusalem the goldenEWINGPage Scan
10My God, how wonderful Thou artWESTMINSTERPage Scan
11O Thou whose perfect goodness crownsDUKE STREETPage Scan
12Hail to the Lord's AnointedMISSIONARYPage Scan
13Jesus, Thou joy of loving heartsST. LUKEPage Scan
14Love Divine, all love excellingBETHANYPage Scan
15Now thank we all our GodNUN DANKETPage Scan
16Oh, for a heart to praise my GodSAWLEYPage Scan
17Oh, worship the KingHOUGHTONPage Scan
18Immortal Love, for ever fullALBANOPage Scan
19aPraise, my soul, the King of HeavenTRIUMPHPage Scan
19bPraise, my soul, the King of HeavenPRAISE, MY SOULPage Scan
20Lord of all being, throned afarMARYTONPage Scan
21My God, I thank Thee, who hast madeWENTWORTHPage Scan
22aLook, ye saints, the sight is gloriousREGENT SQUAREPage Scan
22bLook, ye saints, the sight is gloriousTRIUMPHPage Scan
23All people that on earth do dwellOLD HUNDREDTHPage Scan
24Praise God from whom all blessings flowOLD HUNDREDTHPage Scan
25We praise Thee, O GodTE DEUMPage Scan
26We come unto our fathers' GodLAUS SEMPITERNAPage Scan
27When morning gilds the skiesLAUDES DOMINIPage Scan
28O Jesus, King most wonderfulEMMANUELPage Scan
29Come, ye that love the LordBEAUTIFUL ZIONPage Scan
30The Church's one foundationAURELIAPage Scan
31Ten thousand times ten thousandALFORDPage Scan
32A mighty fortress is our GodEIN' FESTE BURGPage Scan
33aBefore Jehovah's awful throneMAINZERPage Scan
33bBefore Jehovah's awful throneOLD HUNDREDTHPage Scan
34Grace! 'tis a charming soundTUAMPage Scan
35Come, every joyful heartCOME, EVERY JOYFUL HEARTPage Scan
36aCome, let us join our cheerful songsTOTTENHAMPage Scan
36bCome, let us join our cheerful songsNATIVITYPage Scan
37Come, Thou Fount of every blessingFALFIELDPage Scan
38Come, let us sing of a wonderful loveWONDERFUL LOVEPage Scan
39God is love; by Him upholdenWESTBURYPage Scan
40God is in His templeGRÖNINGENPage Scan
41Glorious things of thee are spokenAUSTIAPage Scan
42aHark! the sound of holy voicesSANCTUARYPage Scan
42bHark! the sound of holy voicesDEERHURSTPage Scan
43How bright these glorious spirits shineBEATITUDOPage Scan
44I to the hills will lift mine eyesDUNDEEPage Scan
45aO worship the Lord in the beauty of holinessSANCTISSIMUSPage Scan
45bO worship the Lord in the beauty of holinessEAST HILLPage Scan
46Rejoice, the Lord is KingST. GODRICPage Scan
47The God of Abraham praiseLEONIPage Scan
48To God be the glory, great things He hath doneTO GOD BE THE GLORYPage Scan
49Christ the Lord is risen todayEASTER HYMNPage Scan
50Awake, my soul, and with the sunLAUDSPage Scan
51aGreat God of wonders! all Thy waysCAREY'SPage Scan
51bGreat God of wonders! all Thy waysSOVEREIGNTYPage Scan
52Hark! the glad sound! the Saviour comesST. SAVIOURPage Scan
53I have found a perfect SaviourCALVARYPage Scan
54Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathedST. CUTHBERTPage Scan
55There is a green hill far awayHORSLEYPage Scan
56aLead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloomLUX BENIGNAPage Scan
56bLead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloomSANDONPage Scan
57aNearer, my God, to TheePROPIOR DEOPage Scan
57bNearer, my God, to TheeHORBURYPage Scan
58Dear Lord and Father of mankindRESTPage Scan
59Eternal Light! Eternal Light!NEWCASTLEPage Scan
60O God of Bethel, by whose handST. PAULPage Scan
61O Love, that wilt not let me goST. MARGARETPage Scan
62The King of love my Shepherd isDOMINUS REGIT MEPage Scan
63The sands of time are sinkingRUTHERFORDPage Scan
64Walk in the light! so shalt thou knowEMMAUSPage Scan
65Holy Spirit! Lord of lightLACRYMAEPage Scan
66Holy Father, in Thy mercyBULLINGERPage Scan
67In heavenly love abidingAURELIAPage Scan
68Lead us, heavenly Father, lead usMANNHEIMPage Scan
69Sweet sang the stars of morningCARNOPage Scan
70Lamp of our feet, whereby we traceST. PETERPage Scan
71O Lord, how happy should we beINNSBRUCKPage Scan
72O Master, let me walk with TheeMARYTONPage Scan
73O blessèd life! the heart at restSAXBYPage Scan
74O love of God! how strong and trueOMBERSLEYPage Scan
75Thee will I love, my strength, my towerST. CHRYSOSTOMPage Scan
76There is a book, who runs may readST. FLAVIANPage Scan
77aThe roseate hues of early dawnTHE ROSEATE HUESPage Scan
77bThe roseate hues of early dawnCASTLE RISINGPage Scan
78Take time to be holy, speak oft with Thy LordCANFORDPage Scan
79We bless Thee for Thy peace, O GodNORTHREPPSPage Scan
80aWhat a Friend we have in JesusWHAT A FRIENDPage Scan
80bWhat a Friend we have in JesusEBENEZERPage Scan
81Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peaceLONGWOODPage Scan
82Prayer is the soul's sincere desireTALLIS'S ORIDNALPage Scan
83And now the wants are told, that broughtBEATITUDOPage Scan
84How sweet the name of Jesus soundsST. PETERPage Scan
85Hark! my soul! it is the LordST. BEESPage Scan
86Peace, perfect peace! in this dark world of sin?PAX TECUMPage Scan
87Sometimes a light surprisesBENTLEYPage Scan

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