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Westminster Sabbath School Hymnal, a collection of hymns and tunes for use in sabbath-schools and social meetings

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
101Calling, calling![Calling, calling!]Page Scan
102Today the Saviour callsPage Scan
103Come, sinner come![Come, sinner come!]Page Scan
104Come, let us all unite to sing[Come, let us all unite to sing]Page Scan
105Love divine, all love excelling[Love divine, all love excelling]Page Scan
106Come shout aloud the Father's gracePage Scan
107Thou art my Shepherd, Caring for all my need[Thou art my Shepherd, Caring for all my need]Page Scan
108Lord, do not leave me!Page Scan
109Come to Jesus, come to JesusPage Scan
110Jesus' arm sustains thee[Jesus' arm sustains thee]Page Scan
111Onward now! the trumpet call is sounding[Onward now! the trumpet call is sounding]Page Scan
112Glory to the Father give[Glory to the Father give]Page Scan
113Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness[Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness]Page Scan
114March on, child of God, heart firm and light[March on, child of God, heart firm and light]Page Scan
115Press forward and fear not though billows[Press forward and fear not though billows]Page Scan
116Fear not! God is thy shield[Fear not! God is thy shield]Page Scan
117Take me O my Father, take me[Take me O my Father, take me]Page Scan
118Now the sowing and the weeping[Now the sowing and the weeping]Page Scan
119Ring out the word from Christ the Lord[Ring out the word from Christ the Lord]Page Scan
120Stand up, stand up for Jesus[Stand up, stand up for Jesus]Page Scan
121Hear the Master say, Go and work today[Hear the Master say, Go and work today]Page Scan
122Forth to the fight, ye ransomed[Forth to the fight, ye ransomed]Page Scan
123Onward, Christian soldiers[Onward, Christian soldiers]Page Scan
124Gather them in, for there yet is room[Gather them in, for there yet is room]Page Scan
125Each day to live for Jesus[Each day to live for Jesus]Page Scan
126Who hath sorrow, who hath woe[Who hath sorrow, who hath woe]Page Scan
127Yield not to the tempter[Yield not to the tempter]Page Scan
128Awake my soul, stretch every nervePage Scan
129My soul be on thy guardPage Scan
130Go, labor on, spend and be spentPage Scan
131He that goeth forth with weepingPage Scan
132Children of the heavenly KingPage Scan
133Hark, the temperance bells are ringing[Hark, the temperance bells are ringing]Page Scan
134Work, for the night is comingPage Scan
135Ye servant of the LordPage Scan
136The Lord my Shepherd isPage Scan
137A charge to keep I havePage Scan
138We plough the fields and scatterPage Scan
139On the mountain's top appearing[On the mountain's top appearing]Page Scan
140Go bear the joyful tidings[Go bear the joyful tidings]Page Scan
141From Greenland's icy mountainsPage Scan
142The morning light is breakingPage Scan
143Give! 'tis the Saviour's precept[Give! 'tis the Saviour's precept]Page Scan
144Cheerfully give, cheerfully give[Cheerfully give, cheerfully give]Page Scan
145Happy are we, God's own little flock[Happy are we, God's own little flock]Page Scan
146Jesus, immortal King, arisePage Scan
147Standing at the portal of the opening year[Standing at the portal of the opening year]Page Scan
148Jesus the water of life will give[Jesus the water of life will give]Page Scan
149With broken heart and contrite sigh[With broken heart and contrite sigh]Page Scan
150What did our Lord and Saviour say[What did our Lord and Saviour say]Page Scan
151Jesus is our loving Saviour[Jesus is our loving Saviour]Page Scan
152I was a wandering sheepPage Scan
153My faith looks up to theePage Scan
154Gentle Jesus, Saviour mildPage Scan
155Summer suns are glowing[Summer suns are glowing]Page Scan
156Jesus, Lover of my soulPage Scan
157Saviour, teach me, day by day[Saviour, teach me, day by day]Page Scan
158Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom[Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom]Page Scan
159Jesus all atoning lambPage Scan
160Father, whate'er of earthly blissPage Scan
161Why shouldst thou longer knock[Why shouldst thou longer knock]Page Scan
162Blest Comforter divinePage Scan
163Gracious Spirit, Love divinePage Scan
164Saviour, like a shepherd lead usPage Scan
165Must Jesus bear the cross alonePage Scan
166Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayerPage Scan
167Father of mercies, in thy wordPage Scan
168Holy Father, hear my cry[Holy Father, hear my cry]Page Scan
169What a friend we have in JesusPage Scan
170How gentle God's commandsPage Scan
171When morning gilds the skies[When morning gilds the skies]Page Scan
172O thou that hearest prayerPage Scan
173Crown him with many crowns[Crown him with many crowns]Page Scan
174Lord, I hear of showers of blessingPage Scan
175I love to tell the storyPage Scan
176I love to hear the storyPage Scan
177Rock of Ages, cleft for mePage Scan
178Do no sinful action[Do no sinful action]Page Scan
179Yes, for me, for me He carethPage Scan
180He leadeth me, O blessed thoughtPage Scan
181How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordPage Scan
182O where are the kings and empires nowPage Scan
183Now I have found a friend[Now I have found a friend]Page Scan
184Just as I am, without one pleaPage Scan
185Welcome, welcome, dear RedeemerPage Scan
186Oh, what if we are Christ's,Page Scan
187God bless our native land, Firm may shePage Scan
188Great God of nations now to theePage Scan
189Praise, my soul, the King of heavenPage Scan
190I've been redeemed, I've been redeemedPage Scan
191There is no name so sweet on earth[There is no name so sweet on earth]Page Scan
192We march, we march to victory[We march, we march to victory]Page Scan
193Thou sweet-gliding Kedron, by thy silver stream[Thou sweet-gliding Kedron, by thy silver stream]Page Scan
194We're the lambs of the flock[We're the lambs of the flock]Page Scan
195The morning bright, with rosy lightPage Scan
196Come, ye children, hearken unto me[Come, ye children, hearken unto me]Page Scan
197There is beauty all around[There is beauty all around]Page Scan
198The Son of God goes forth to war[The Son of God goes forth to war]Page Scan
199God loved the world of sinners, lost[God loved the world of sinners, lost]Page Scan
200One there is above all others[One there is above all others]Page Scan

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