With One Voice

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601Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy)[Kyrie] (Reindorf)Text
602Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy)[Kyrie eleison]Text
603Holy God, Holy and Mighty[Holy God] (Trisagion)
604Kyrie eleison[Kyrie eleison]Text
605Señor, ten piedad (Lord, have mercy)[Señor, ten piedad]Text
606Lord God, heavenly kingGlory to God (Capers)Text
607Lord God, heavenly king[Lord God, heavenly King]Text
608Worthy is Christ, the Lamb who was slain[This is the Feast of Victory]
609Hallelujah, hallelujah (Heleluyan, heleluyan)[Hallelujah, hallelujah]Text
610Alleluia, alleluia[Alleluia, alleluia]Text
611aAlleluia, alleluia, alleluiaGospel Acclamation (General)Text
611bGlory and praise to you, O Lord Jesus ChristGospel Acclamation (Lent)
612Halle, halle, hallelujahHalle, Halle, Hallelujah!Text
613Now he is living, the ChristCeltic Alleluia
614You are the Word who calls us out of darkness[You are the Word who calls us out of darkness]
615Return to the Lord, your GodReturn to the Lord
616aHoly, holy, holy Lord[Holy, Holy, Holy Lord] (Land of Rest)Text
616bChrist has died, Christ is risenAcclamations and AmenText
617aHoly, holy, holy, LordHoly, Holy, Holy Lord (Schubert)Text
617bAmen, amen, amen, amenAmenText
618aHoly, holy, holy Lord[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (Hassell)Text
618bChrist has died. Christ is risen.[Christ has died. Christ is risen]Text
619aHoly, holy, holy LordHoly, Holy, Holy Lord (Mass of Creation)Text
619bChrist has died. Christ is risen.[Christ has died, Christ is risen] (Mass of Creation)Text
620Agnus dei, qui tollis peccata mundi (Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world)Lamb of God (Plainsong)Text
621Lamb of God you take away the sin of the worldLamb of God (Haugen 3)Text
622Lamb of God you take away the sin of the worldLamb of God (Beech)Text
623Thankful hearts and voices raiseThankful Hearts and Voices Raise
624Now, Lord, you let your servant go in peaceNow, Lord, You Let Your Servant Go in Peace
625Now, Lord, you let your servant go in peace[Now, Lord, You Let Your Servant Go in Peace] (Hurd)
626People, look east. The time is nearBESANÇON
627You'll hear the trumpet soundBURLEIGHTextPage Scan
628Each winter as the year grows olderCAROL OF HOPE
629All earth is hopeful, the Savior comes at last (Toda la tierra espara al Salvador)TAULÈ
630Light one candle to watch for MessiahTIF IN VELDELE
631Lift up your heads, O gatesVINEYARD HAVEN
632The angel Gabriel from heaven cameGABRIEL'S MESSAGEText
633Awake! Awake, and greet the new mornREJOICE, REJOICE
634Sing of Mary, pure and lowlyRAQUEL
635Surely it is God who saves meRAQUEL
636Before the marvel of this nightMARVEL
637Gloria, gloria, gloriaGLORIA CUECAText
638Holy Child within the mangerJOYOUS LIGHT
639Oh, sleep now, holy baby (Duérmete, Niño lindo)A LA RU
640Gloria, gloria in excelsis Deo (Glory to God, glory to God)GLORIA 3
641Peace came to earth at last that chosen nightSCHNEIDER
642I wonder as I wander, out under the skyI WONDER
643Once in royal David's cityIRBYTextPage Scan
644Away in a manger, no crib for his bedCRADLE SONGText
645There's a star in the East on Christmas mornRISE UP, SHEPHERDTextPage Scan
646We three kings of Orient areTHREE KINGS OF ORIENTTextPage Scan
647When Jesus came to JordanKING'S LYNNText
648Jesus, come! For we invite youUNION SEMINARYText
649I want to walk as a child of the lightHOUSTON
650We are marching in the light of God (Siyahamb' ekukhanyen' kwenkhos')SIYAHAMBA
651Lord, the light of your love is shiningSHINE, JESUS, SHINE
652Arise, your light has comeFESTAL SONG
653Jesus on the mountain peakST ALBINUSTextPage Scan
654Allelua, song of gladnessPRAISE, MY SOULTextPage Scan
655As the sun with longer journeyNAGEL
656By the Babylonian riversKAS DZIEDAJA
657The glory of these forty daysERHALT UNS, HERRText
658The Word of God is source and seedGAUDEAMUS DOMINO
659O sun of justice, Jesus ChristJESU DULCIS MEMORIA
660I want Jesus to walk with meSOJOURNERText
661My song is love unknownLOVE UNKNOWNText
662Restore in us, O GodCATECHUMENText
663When twilight comes and the sun setsDAPIT HAPON
664A new commandment I give unto youNEW COMMANDMENTText
665Ubi caritas et amor (Where true charity and love abide)TAIZÉ UBI CARITASText
666Great God, your love has called us hereRYBURNText
667Stay here and keep watch with meSTAY HERE
668There in God's garden stands the Tree of WisdomSHADES MOUNTAIN
669Come away to the skiesMIDDLEBURYText
670When Israel was in Egypt's landTUBMANTextPage Scan
671Jesus is Lord of all the earthALLELUIA NO. 1
672Christ is risen! Shout hosanna!JACKSON NEWText
673I'm so glad, Jesus lifted meJESUS LIFTED METext
675We walk by faith and not by sightDUNLAP'S CREEK Text
676This joyful EastertideVREUCHTENTextPage Scan
677Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluiaMOZART ALLELUIATextPage Scan
678Christ has arisen, alleluiaMFURAHINI, HALELUYA
679Our Paschal Lamb, that sets us freeMANNION
680O Spirit of life, O Spirit of GodO HEILIGER GEISTText
681Come, O Holy Spirit, come (Wa wa wa Emimimo)WA EMIMIMO
682Praise the Spirit in creationJULION
683Loving Spirit, loving SpiritBETHText
684You moved on the watersSPIRIT
685Like the murmur of the dove's songBRIDEGROOMTextPage Scan
686Come, Holy Spirit, from heaven shine forthTAIZÉ VENI SANCTE
687Gracious Spirit, heed our pleadingNJOO KWETU, ROHO MWEMA
688O Holy Spirit, root of lifePUER NOBIS
689Rejoice in God's saints today and all daysLAUDATE DOMINUMTextPage Scan
690Shall we gather at the riverHANSON PLACETextPage Scan
691Sing with all the saints in gloryMISSISSIPPI Text
692For all the faithful womenBARONITAPage Scan
693Baptized in waterBUNESSANText
694You have put on ChristBAPTIZED IN CHRIST
695O blessed spring, where Word and signBERGLUND

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