The Whole Book of Psalms: in metre; with hymns suited to the feasts and fasts of the church, and other occasions of public worship

Publisher: H. Gaine (Printer), New York, 1793
Denomination: Episcopal Church
Language: English
Notes: Hymns (H) are numbered separately
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IHow blest is he who ne'er consentsPage Scan
IIWith restless and ungovern'd ragePage Scan
IIIHow many, Lord,of late are grownPage Scan
IVO Lord, that art my righteous JudgePage Scan
VLord, hear the voice of my complaintPage Scan
VIThy dreadful anger, Lord, restrainPage Scan
VIIO Lord my God, since I have plac'dPage Scan
VIIIO thou, to whom all creatures bowPage Scan
IX.ITo celebrate thy name, O LORD!Page Scan
IX.IIWhen he enquiry makes for bloodPage Scan
X.IThy presence why withdraw'st thou, Lord?Page Scan
X.IIFor God, they think, no notice takesPage Scan
XISince I have plac'd my trust in GodPage Scan
XIISince godly men decay, O LordPage Scan
XIIIHow long wilt thou forget me, Lord?Page Scan
XIVSure wicked fools must needs supposePage Scan
XVLord, who's the happy man that mayPage Scan
XVIProtect me from my cruel foesPage Scan
XVII.ITo my just plea, and sad complaintPage Scan
XVII.IIO! keep me in thy tend'rest carePage Scan
XVIII.INo change of time shall ever shockPage Scan
XVIII.IIWhen God arose my part to takePage Scan
XVIII.IIIThe Lord did on my side engagePage Scan
XVIII.IVThou suit'st, O Lord, thy righteous rulePage Scan
XVIII.V'Tis God that girds my armour onPage Scan
XVIII.VIOur factious tribes, at strife till nowPage Scan
XIX.IThe Heav'ns declare thy glory LordPage Scan
XIX.IIGod's perfect law converts the soulPage Scan
XXThe Lord to thy request attendPage Scan
XXI.IThe king, O Lord, with songs of praisePage Scan
XXI.IIBecause the king on God alonePage Scan
XXII.IMy God! my God! why leav'st thou mePage Scan
XXII.IIThou mad'st my teeming mother's wombPage Scan
XXII.IIIMy blood like water's spill'd, my jointsPage Scan
XXII.IVThus, in thy sacred courts, will IPage Scan
XXIIIThe Lord himself, the mighty LordPage Scan
XXIVThis spacious earth is all the Lord'sPage Scan
XXV.ITo God, in whom I trustPage Scan
XXV.IISince mercy is the gracePage Scan
XXVIJudge me, o Lord, for I the pathsPage Scan
XXVII.IWhom should I fear, since God to mePage Scan
XXVII.IIContinue, Lord, to hear my voicePage Scan
XXVIIIO Lord, my rock, to thee I cryPage Scan
XXIXYe princes, that in might excelPage Scan
XXXI'll celebrate thy praises, LordPage Scan
XXXI.IDefend me, Lord, from shamePage Scan
XXXI.IIThose mercies thou hast shownPage Scan
XXXI.IIIWhate'er events betidePage Scan
XXXIIHe's blest whose sins have pardon gain'dPage Scan
XXXIII.ILet all the just to God, with joyPage Scan
XXXIII.IIHow happy then are they, to whomPage Scan
XXXIV.IThrough all the changing scenes of lifePage Scan
XXXIV.IIApproach, ye piously dispos'dPage Scan
XXXV.IAgainst all those that strive with mePage Scan
XXXV.IIFalse witnesses, with forg'd complaintsTextPage Scan
XXXV.IIISo I, before the list'ning worldPage Scan
XXXVIMy crafty foe, with flatt'ring artPage Scan
XXXVII.IThough wicked men grow rich or greatPage Scan
XXXVII.IIWhile sinful crowds, with false designPage Scan
XXXVII.IIIWhilst sinners, brought to sad decayPage Scan
XXXVII.IVIn wait, the watchful sinner liesPage Scan
XXXVIII.IThy chast'ning wrath, o Lord, restrainPage Scan
XXXVIII.IIBut, Lord, before thy searching eyesPage Scan
XXXIXResolv'd to watch o'er all my waysPage Scan
XL.II waited meekly for the LordPage Scan
XL.IIIn full assemblies I have toldPage Scan
XL.IIIBut, Lord, to my relief draw nearPage Scan
XLIHappy the man whose tender carePage Scan
XLIIAs pants the hart for cooling streamsPage Scan
XLIIIJust Judge of heav'n, against my foesPage Scan
XLIV.IO Lord, our fathers aft have toldPage Scan
XLIV.IIBut thou hast cast us off; and nowPage Scan
XLIV.IIIOn us this heap of woes is fall'nPage Scan
XLV.IWhile I the King's loud praise rehearsePage Scan
XLV.IIBut thou, O royal bride, give earPage Scan
XLVIGod is our refuge in distressPage Scan
XLVIIO all ye people, clap your handsPage Scan
XLVIIIThe Lord, the only God, is greatPage Scan
XLIX.ILet all the list'ning world attendPage Scan
XLIX.IIHow great their folly is, who thusPage Scan
LThe Lord hath spoke, the mighty GodPage Scan
LI.IHave mercy, Lord, on mePage Scan
LI.IIWithdraw not thou thy helpPage Scan
LIIIn vain, O man of lawless mightPage Scan
LIIIThe wicked souls must sure supposePage Scan
LIVLord, save me, for thy glorious namePage Scan
LV.IGive ear, thou Judge of all the earthPage Scan
LV.IIDestroy, O Lord, their ill designsPage Scan
LV.IIIGod has releas'd my soul from thosePage Scan
LVIDo thou, O God, in mercy helpPage Scan
LVIIThy mercy, Lord, to me extendPage Scan
LVIIISpeak, O ye judges of the earthPage Scan
LIXDeliver me, O Lord, my GodPage Scan
LXO God, who hast our troops disperstPage Scan
LXILord, hear my cry, regard my pray'rPage Scan
LXIIMy soul for help on God reliesPage Scan
LXIIIO God, my gracious God, to theePage Scan
LXIVLord, hear the voice of my complaintPage Scan
LXV.IFor thee, O God, our constant praisePage Scan
LXV.IIThou, Lord, dost barb'rous lands dismayPage Scan

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